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Hello there, and welcome to en.Source2Dev.net! Here you will find tutorials and guides for various subjects involving Source 2. You will also find a blog about Source 2 news. So what are you waiting for? The resources to learn game development are right here, at your fingertips!

if you already know about the basics of Source 2 you can just skip right ahead, but if you don't, feel free to read the next section.

What is Source 2?

Source 2 is a next-gen game engine, which is currently being worked on by Valve. Above this text you will find a video, that shows off the Source 2 game engine in action. Pretty impressive, huh?

Here are the technical details for Source 2, if you understand those sorts of things.

Which games run on Source 2?

The following games, mods and/or demos on Steam run on the Source 2 game engine.

How do I start working with Source 2?

Simple. There are a few resources set up for you to use freely. Some of them are on this website, some are not. Well, what are we waiting for? Click here to get started!

Source 2 - Destinations: English Church