Dutch court rejects Facebook’s bid to have privacy lawsuit in the Netherlands dismissed


Dutch court rejects Facebook’s bid to have privacy lawsuit in the Netherlands dismissed

A judge in Amsterdam has determined that Facebook's privacy case in the Netherlands may proceed, denying the social network's request to have the complaint brought by two non-profit organizations dismissed.

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According to TechCrunch, the Amsterdam-based Data Privacy Foundation and the Dutch consumer advocacy group Consumentenbond are suing Facebook on behalf of consumers for allegedly violating European Union privacy laws. According to the complaint, Facebook has not provided adequate information about the data it collects from users, including what it does with it, and so does not have a legal basis to handle the data.

Facebook attempted to dismiss the complaint by alleging that the Amsterdam court lacked jurisdiction over its European operations, which it claims are governed by Irish law. “The Data Privacy Foundation may fight before the Dutch court on behalf of Dutch users of the Facebook service against Facebook concerning whether Facebook has infringed the privacy of its users,” the Court of Amsterdam wrote in its ruling.

In an email to The Verge, a Facebook spokesman said the business was evaluating the court's judgment, adding that the decision was procedural, and that the company will continue to defend its position in court. The spokesman stated, "We care about our consumers in the Netherlands, and safeguarding their privacy is essential to us." “Users have significant control over the information they post on Facebook, and we give transparency about how that information is used.”

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