Google removes nine Android apps for stealing Facebook users’ logins and passwords


Google Play Store removes apps stealing Facebook passwords from Galaxy phones

Android smartphones continue to be plagued by malicious applications. Despite its best efforts, Google has not been able to entirely eliminate such apps from the Play Store. When the business learns about apps that are attempting to steal user information, it immediately responds.

Several well-known applications with millions of downloads were discovered to be collecting Facebook login credentials. They've been removed from the Play Store by Google.

The total number of downloads for these harmful programs is above 5.8 million.

Dr. Web researchers found nine applications that enticed users to give their Facebook login credentials. Photo editing, fitness, trash file cleaning, and even horoscopes were all included in these fully working programs. They were just like the numerous other applications on the Play Store that serve the same purpose.

Users were told that by entering into their Facebook accounts, they could disable in-app advertisements. Those who selected this option were sent to a real Facebook login page, where they could input their username and password.

Users' login information would then be intercepted and transmitted to the attackers' server. This approach may have been used to obtain login credentials for any other online service by the attackers. In all of these apps, however, Facebook was the only objective.

The nine apps have a total of 5.8 million downloads. It's amazing that the applications were able to go so long without being discovered. This is most likely owing to the tactics utilized here, which allowed the applications to remain undetected.

A Google representative verified to Ars Technica that these applications have been taken from the store, as well as the creators' accounts. However, since there is just a one-time $25 charge, there is nothing keeping them from creating a developer account under a different name.

If you have any of these applications installed on your Samsung Galaxy phone, remove them right once and check your Facebook account for any suspicious activity. Always be cautious when installing programs from unknown developers, regardless of how many ratings they may have.

The following are the nine applications that have been discovered stealing Facebook logins and passwords:

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1.Processing Photo (500,000+ downloads)

2.Horoscope Daily (100,000+ downloads)

3.Inwell Fitness (100,000+ downloads)

4.PIP Photo (5,000,000+ downloads)

5.App Lock manager (10 downloads)

6.App Lock Keep (50,000+ downloads)

7.Lockit Master (5,000+ downloads)

8.Rubbish Cleaner (100,000+ downloads)

9.Horoscope Pi (1,000 downloads)

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