Bitstamp: The Final Cryptocurrency Exchange Yet To List Shiba Inu After Robinhood Listing


Bitstamp: The Final Cryptocurrency Exchange Yet To List Shiba Inu After Robinhood Listing

With the exception of Robinhood, most of the main cryptocurrency exchanges now offer Shiba Inu.

Bitstamp, one of the first cryptocurrency exchanges, launched in 2011 as a rival to the now-defunct Mt. Gox, had previously stated that it will list SHIB, only to subsequently postpone the announcement. Now that Robinhood is no longer under pressure, it appears that some Shiba holders are looking for a new venue to campaign for a listing, with Bitstamp being a possible alternative.

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Here's a glance at Bitstamp's possible Shiba Inu listing.

Shiba Inu Bitstamp Listing

Bitstamp started in December 2021 and it will list SHIB, much to the pleasure of the ShibArmy. Its inclusion of Shiba Inu would be yet another potential boost to the SHIB userbase, which already has over 4 million subscribers.

However, Bitstamp confirmed a day later that the SHIB listing will be delayed due to technical issues. The exchange then declared on December 15 that these technical difficulties meant the Shiba Inu would be listed in 2022.

The technical problems with the SHIB listing were not disclosed by Bitstamp. However, it already supports a number of Ethereum-based currencies, like Gala and Basic Attention Token.

It has subsequently offered two statements on SHIB in 2022, both reiterating that the Shiba Inu listing is still on the way, but that technical improvement must first be made.

While the ShibArmy was initially supportive of Bitstamp's delay and commended its openness and transparency, once SHIB was listed on Robinhood, holders have begun to inquire about Bitstamp's plans for SHIB.

Following the Robinhood listing, several investors have begun to respond to Bitstamp's recent tweets inquiring about SHIB.


From Bitstamp's standpoint, nothing appears to have changed, with a Shiba Inu listing still scheduled for 2022. Unlike the other exchanges where SHIB holders have banded together, they have said that they want to list Shiba Inu. We just don't know when it will happen.

Can I buy Shiba Inu on Bitstamp?

The Shiba Inu's listing has been postponed until 2022, according to Bitstamp.

We had to postpone our Shiba Inu listing, as you are aware. With the integration, we've been having some technical issues. 

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