Bomb Crypto Marketplace: How To Trade NFTs in Bomb Crypto


What is Bomb Crypto Marketplace?: How To Trade NFTs in Bomb Crypto

Bomb Crypto's NFT marketplace has officially started, allowing players to exchange NFTs.

Users may now buy and sell in-game assets like Villas or purchase unique characters such as Super Legends in one of the top NFT games and most popular Binance NFT games.

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Bomb Crypto is one of the newest NFT games that gain popularity recently. According to DappRadar, it has over 68,000 weekly users and a weekly transaction volume of $340,000, a significant decrease from January's 240,000 weekly users and $38 million transaction volume. This tutorial will show you how to utilize the Bomb Crypto Marketplace.

To purchase or sell NFTs on the Bomb Crypto Marketplace, you must first connect your cryptocurrency wallet to the marketplace. You'll need to buy Bcoin or another Bomb Crypto-compatible cryptocurrency after you've joined. You'll be able to buy in-game NFTs like heroes, villas, and mansions using this.

Bomb Crypto Marketplace: How To Trade NFTs

After that, you may use the NFT Marketplace's different filters and search options to discover what you're looking for. You may use the Marketplace to filter by rarity, ability, and even individual stats.

According to the creators, players may only purchase and sell heroes and residences through the marketplace, rather than moving between accounts.

Last but not least, a word of warning. If many players purchase the same item at the same time, the first-come, first-serve system applies, with failed players still losing their gas payments. However, it's unclear how a first-come-first-serve system works when many individuals buy the same thing at the same moment.

 Bomb Crypto Marketplace Prices

The pricing for things in the Bomb Crypto Marketplace are as follows.

- Villa with Minimum price: 7500 BCOIN

- Mini House with Minimum price: 1200 BCOIN

- Super Villa with Minimum price: 10800 BCOIN

- Tiny House with Minimum price: 360 BCOIN

- Pent House with Minimum price: 4800 BCOIN

- Super Legend: 700 BCOIN

- Lux House with Minimum price: 2700 BCOIN

As of April 27, 8762 Heroes and 1499 Houses have been sold in the previous 30 days for a total of 11.65 million BCOIN, which is almost $791,000 at today's values.

What is Bomb Crypto?

On the BSC network, Bomb Crypto is the newest Play to Earn game. The game has players controlling a squad of bomb heroes with varying stats on a mission for Bcoins and buried NFTs.

Bomb hero may be purchased using Bcoins earned in the game or through a cryptocurrency exchange. They may even purchase them while playing the game online through in-game rescue missions.

Users may battle monsters, defeat other players, and engage in treasure hunts to obtain unique abilities in the game's three gaming modes, which include a treasure hunt, narrative, and PVP mode.

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