Coinbase NFT Marketplace Has A Comment Section, Here’s How It’s Going


Here's How The Coinbase NFT Marketplace's Comment Section Is Working

The Coinbase NFT Marketplace went live yesterday in beta, enabling users to purchase, sell, and examine various NFT collections. Oh, and don't forget to remark on them.

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These social components, which one user described as "Web3 Instagram," might set Coinbase NFT apart from the likes of OpenSea and the Binance NFT marketplace. They might also mutate into something different.

As more people join the test, some NFT holders have begun to share the feedback they've received. And, depending on how you feel about NFTs, it's either a fun read or an investor's worst nightmare.

NFT Comment Section on Coinbase

Many of the Coinbase remarks are unimportant. Most people are just enjoying this new option to engage with fellow NFT holders, whether they're praising the NFT or posting "WAGMI."

This isn't the case for everyone, either. On the platform, two sorts of remarks have begun to develop, providing either a little issue for those who use it or amusement for those who do not.

NFT Wars

On the internet, tribalism is not a new phenomenon. Console wars have raged since the SEGA vs. Nintendo period, which has recently been supplanted by Xbox vs. PlayStation. Even in the cryptocurrency world, keyboard wars such as Bitcoin vs. Ethereum or Dogecoin vs. Shiba Inu can be rather intense.

And now, just underneath their listings, the NFT battles are on full show. Several CryptoPunk NFTs have received feedback claiming that the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs are superior.

While some people have pointed out that this is just another NFT discussion on Twitter, there is another perspective here. Having negative comments immediately under your listing might dissuade people from purchasing your NFT.

Some of the remarks, like this one, are likely sarcastic or jokes amongst pals. However, as we've learned through decades of online communication, this isn't always picked up.

Others, on the other hand, are praising the aesthetic of the NFTs. Could these comments, which act almost like reviews, have an impact on the pricing of listed NFTs in the near future?


Defenders of the Floor Price

Many NFT holders are anticipating some fairly harsh remarks when they sell their NFT at reduced prices, almost on the opposite extreme of the spectrum.


ThreadGuy.eth made a light-hearted remark on the hazards of this. "Imagine undercutting the competition on Coinbase NFT and receiving death threats in the comments," they tweeted.

While these may simply be jokes, it appears that some people are already doing so as NFT prices vary.


"Stop undercutting p*ssy," one user said on an Azuki NFT advertised on Coinbase for 29 ETH, the lowest price in the collection.

Other people have expressed their dissatisfaction with NFTs that they believe are being sold for too low.

Regardless of such remarks, many in the NFT community appear amenable to them, if not enthusiastic about the possible entertainment value they may offer to the area. Others, on the other hand, appear to believe that the comment area will not last. 

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