MetaMask Safari Extension: How To Add MetaMask On Safari Or MacBook


MetaMask Safari Extension: How To Add MetaMask On Safari Or MacBook

MetaMask, being one of the most widely used crypto wallets, allows for straightforward crypto transfers for OpenSea NFTs. MetaMask is most known for its Chrome plugin, but MacBook users are looking for methods to utilize it on Safari.

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MetaMask released extensions to assist them in navigating the crypto world by allowing them to execute smooth crypto transactions directly from their desktops.

MetaMask also has sophisticated mobile applications that can be readily linked to a variety of third-party websites. Users may install MetaMask Extension on their Apple Macbook or Safari browser in the following way.

How To Add MetaMask Extension On Safari?

Although MetaMask only works with Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Brave browsers and is not accessible on Safari, the Ethereum wallet has recently released an iPhone app that can be downloaded.

Instead, users must either download a different browser (see below) or check the iOS MetaMask app, which provides compatibility for Apple users.

Although iOS 15 appears to allow iPhone users to utilize extensions in Safari, this does not appear to support MetaMask at this time. However, users may now download and use the MetaMask extension on Safari thanks to third-party Github software.

How Do I Install MetaMask Wallet On My MacBook?

To install MetaMask on an Apple MacBook, users need to follow the instructions outlined below:

1. Outside of Safari, go to the MetaMask official website using your favorite browser. It's possible that this is Google Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Edge.

2. Select the browser for which you want to get the extension after clicking on download for iOS.

3. Install the extension and save it to your browser for quick access.

4. Prepare for your first crypto transaction by filling out the appropriate KYC data on MetaMask.

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