Pikmin Bloom Expeditions - How To Send Pikmin and Get Postcards


Pikmin Bloom Expeditions: How to send Pikmin on Expeditions and Get Postcards

Do you need some assistance with your Pikmin Bloom adventures? They're among the most difficult quests in Niantic's latest Nintendo-based augmented reality game, but they also provide some of the finest rewards. As a result, you'll probably need some assistance figuring out what excursions are, how to participate in them, and what rewards you may expect for a job well done. That's great news since that's exactly what we're here to discuss!

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We'll go over what Pikmin Bloom trips are and how you can send your own Pikmin on their own adventures. They're particularly high-reward endeavors, so learning everything you can about them is a fantastic idea!

You've come to the perfect site if you want to learn more about Pikmin. See which Pikmin Bloom flowers are the greatest, as well as all you need to know about Pikmin Bloom money. With them in your arsenal, you'll be able to amass a sizable Pikmin collection in no time!

What Are Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

Expeditions in Pikmin Bloom are longer missions on which you send your Pikmin. You tell them to travel to a specific spot in search of goods and incentives. They'll then make their journey to and from that location in real-time. It's a long process, as you might think, and your Pikmin might be gone for a long time. As a result, you probably won't want to start too many excursions until you have a big number of Pikmin, or you'll end up with very few.

Pikmin Bloom trips, on the other hand, take place entirely in the background, with your Pikmin venturing outside of their comfort zone in order to bring back rare goodies. It's comparable to leaving your Pokémon at a gym in another Niantic game, Pokémon GO. It's a completely passive procedure in which you don't have to do anything, but you will be separated from your teammates while they earn goodies for you to enjoy when they return.

How do I get access to the Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

We've got some terrible news for you if you've just begun your Pikmin Bloom trip and are wanting to jump right into an excursion. Expeditions aren't available until you've reached the sixth level. As a result, you may need to work a little harder before you can start planning Pikmin vacations. However, our handy Pikmin Bloom level rewards list will tell you exactly what you need to accomplish to pass these levels.

Expeditions become available after you reach level six. From the steps icon, you can access the Pikmin Bloom expeditions menu, where you may start arranging your plant-based companions' adventures. As a result, you won't have to mess about with the store to have things unlocked.

What's the best way to finish Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

Putting together your first few Pikmin Bloom journeys might be a daunting process. But don't worry; we've broken down all of the stages to make your experience as simple as possible.

To begin, start Pikmin Bloom and go to the main menu.

Tap the Steps menu from here. This will bring up a sliding page with a variety of options, including Lifelog, Pikmin, Seedlings, and Expeditions.

Expeditions are, unsurprisingly, the best option.

You'll find a variety of seeds on this menu that you may use to launch your Pikmin on their adventure. Choose your favorite seedling, then the Pikmin you want to accompany you on your adventure.

Once you've chosen your expedition team, press the Start button. This will start a sequence in which your Pikmin will waddle off to greener pastures. This page also displays where they're going and how long it'll take them to get there.

Then it's only a matter of waiting! You'll have to sit tight while your Pikmin is away, whether it takes minutes or hours. When the adventure is completed, your Pikmin will immediately return, bringing rich gifts with them.

What Are the Benefits of Pikmin Bloom Expeditions?

After you've dispatched your Pikmin on their journey, all you'll be thinking about is what kind of prizes they'll bring back. Most of the time, you'll be awarded two rewards. These are seedlings and fruit.

More freebies may be found on our Pokémon GO promo codes page. By the time you unlock excursions in Pikmin Bloom, you'll be extremely familiar with these things. Fruit, when transformed into nectar, may be used to level up your Pikmin. Expeditions can also bring back uncommon fruit, which has even more sophisticated leveling abilities. This is accomplished by growing large blooms, and the benefit is commensurate with the increased size.

Of course, you'll receive a lot of seedlings as well. These are used to cultivate fresh Pikmin to join your squad in planters. As a result, a successful expedition might potentially boost your troop size by a significant amount. As a result, you'll want to participate in as many expeditions as possible in order to level up your existing Pikmin and raise new ones.

Similarly, your Pikmin may occasionally return with postcards in tow. These will show any notable real-world locales that your Pikmin visited throughout their adventure. You may send postcards to pals to offer them prizes and a location-based message, similar to how presents work in Pokémon GO.

That concludes our guide to Pikmin Bloom's adventures. We've broken them down into what they are, how to accomplish them, and what you get in return. Your Pikmin will be marching throughout the planet in no time if they have this information. Good luck on your journey!

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