Shiba Inu Builders Increase $20M Ethereum In Metaverse Land Sale


Shiba Inu Builders Increase $20M Ethereum In Metaverse Land Sale

Within the first two stages of the cryptocurrency's metaverse property auction, Shiba Inu SHIB/USD developers offered $20 million in digital land plots to bidders.

What Happened: According to blockchain researcher Etherscan, users have paid 6280 Ethereum ETH/USD to acquire land so far.

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"How many times have you ever raised approximately $20 million in less than five days?" On the official Discord channel for the assignment, Shiba Inu creator Eric M commented, "On a crashed market?"

Within the SHIB metaverse, there are now 3,649 land house owners and over 12,900 plots available.

The largest single-person transaction was for 36.3 ETH at a cost of $110,700. For a total of $1.1 million, the customer purchased 121 separate parcels of property.

Four clients own at least 200 parcels of land in the SHIB YARD collection. Despite the fact that the maximum quantity consumers were permitted to buy was limited to 200, one customer appears to have gotten around this restriction. For 40.8 ETH, the digital landowner purchased 209 parcels.

Earlier this week, the Shiba Inu team said that one user has been blocked from its metaverse for creating a hate picture sample on the metaverse map with land bids.

"We will not accept the use of hate speech, displays of intolerance, or bigotry (by phrases, acts, symbolism, and so on) at the discretion of the neighborhood moderation team," the developers said in a statement.

SHIB was buying and trading at $0.00002486, down from $0.00002486, according to Benzinga Professional.

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