Shiba Metaverse Land Sale Gets Delayed


Shiba Metaverse Land Sale Gets Buys This Weekend

The Shiba Inu Lands metaverse sale has been postponed from its intended weekend debut.

Trophies, a Shiba Defence Breed member, made the SHIB Metaverse statement on the Discord server at 5:17 AM UTC on Monday, citing a "small delay."

Here's a deeper look at the hold-up in the land transaction.

Shiba Land Sale Delayed

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The short message on the Shiba Discord didn't go into detail about the cause of the delay. Trophies, on the other hand, stated:

Trophies also comforted people who had locked LEASH and Shiboshi NFTs, saying that while early access is only available for 72 hours, there will be plenty of possibilities for them to buy land.

However, individuals in the Shiba community who are waiting for the launch may find this of little use. Some SHIB members may be constantly reloading the website and Discord to be among the first to submit their bids after the Shiboshi NFTs sold out in 35 minutes.

Because no firm date has been announced for the postponed land auction, the wait may have to last a little longer.

Others on the LEASH Discord group, on the other hand, expressed sympathy for the development team. "I'd rather have a late launch than one with problems," one member of the Defence Breed said. Given the media attention given to the Axie Infinity Ronin hack, ensuring that such thefts do not occur is certainly a top focus for the team.

This land sale, which was supposed to start this weekend, was supposed to be the first step towards SHIB: The Metaverse is a term that refers to a

The SHIB team also stated that it will name a AAA developer to oversee the metaverse's aesthetic direction. The team announced this last week but has yet to specify which studio is participating.

While the Shiba Metaverse may have had a quiet day, SHIB holders received an update on Shibarium. Unification published the SHIB Layer-2 UI in a recent blog post, along with further details regarding its release timetable.

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