Toyota’s bZ4X all-electric SUV will start at $42,000


Toyota launches bZ4X all-electric SUV with starting price of $42,000

Toyota has stated that the standard, front-wheel-drive version of the bZ4X electric SUV will cost $42,000, with the "Limited" all-wheel-drive version starting at $48,780. The memorable car will be Toyota's first completely electric vehicle, and it will be on sale in "spring, 2022" - though the company's website warns that availability will be "very restricted" (emphasis Toyota's) due to supply chain restrictions.

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The basic model bZ4X is said to have a range of 252 miles, which is roughly the same as the $33,500 Chevy Bolt EUV, 60 miles less than the $40,900 Kia EV6, and 30 miles more than the $39,700 Hyundai Ioniq 5. It's worth noting that these rates do not include destination fees, which might add a few thousand dollars to the total. The bZ4X from Toyota includes a $1,215 "Delivery, Processing, and Handling charge." Some automakers will also allow you update to a longer battery for more range, which isn't available with the bZ4X right now.

The steering yoke Toyota debuted when the bZ4X was revealed in October appears to be missing from Tuesday's news release, as well as the vehicle's options and image gallery websites. (This is not a complaint, by the way.)

What this implies for the future Subaru Solterra, which is based on the same platform as the bZ4X, is uncertain. Given that Subaru's version will come standard with all-wheel drive (a $2,000 option on Toyota's SUV), additional amenities may have to be sacrificed to keep the starting price around $42,000. In instance, the Toyota GR86 2022 is around $230 less expensive than the Subaru BRZ twin, despite the fact that the two cars have the same number of drive wheels.

If you're selecting between the two or comparing the bZ4X to other EVs, there's one additional factor to consider: the $7,500 federal tax credit. While a reduced tax burden isn't the same as a cheaper sticker price, it's a valuable inducement that Toyota consumers may not be able to take advantage of for long. According to Electrek, the firm sells enough hybrids that officials predict that by the end of 2022, purchasers won't be able to acquire the whole $7,500. The credit for Toyota buyers might behalf in October to $3,750, and then halved again in April 2023. Customers who purchase Subaru vehicles, on the other hand, maybe qualify for the entire tax credit.

Is Toyota developing an electric SUV?

The BZ4X small SUV, Toyota's first long-range EV, is set to arrive in the United States in mid-2022. Toyota intends to invest some of the $17.6 billion it has committed in the United States.

Does Toyota plan to go all-electric?

Toyota, one of the world's major automakers, plans to invest 4 trillion yen ($35 billion) by 2030 to develop a complete range of 30 battery-powered electric vehicles.

Does Toyota have all-electric cars?

With the Toyota bZ, we're going beyond zero emissions to provide better transportation for everyone. The Toyota bZ series goes farther, making a difference in the society we live in, thanks to a dedicated new electric vehicle platform built from creative ideas.

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