10 Billion SHIB Burned In Record-Shattering Shiba Inu Burn Worth Over $100,000


10 Billion SHIB Burned In Record-Shattering Shiba Inu Burn Worth Over $100,000

One of the largest-ever Shiba Inu burns has damaged 10 billion SHIB, bringing the total quantity of Shiba Inu Burn Portal to 32 percent.

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As we approached a month since its introduction, the burn portal's figures looked to have plateaued after reaching 25 million SHIB and $500,000 incinerated. However, right after the Burn Portal prizes were live, this enormous burn reignited interest in these SHIB burns.

So, what exactly do we know about this historic SHIB fire? Let's have a look.

Burning 10 Billion Shiba Inu

This 10 billion SHIB, worth $123,000 at the time of burn, is the greatest individual gift to the Shiba Inu Burn Portal since its inception.

The second-largest burn, 1.3 billion SHIB, likewise originated from the same location that had previously burned 10 billion. In three different burning, it has consumed 11.325 billion SHIB.

This location presently has 27% of all burntSHIB. When the next release comes out, it will be eligible for 27% of the Ryoshis Vision awards.

So, who is this colossal blazer? We suspect it is from an account called Forever $SHIB, based on Twitter behavior.

This self-described "small whale exploring the SHIB ocean" has repeatedly tweeted the same address that torched this SHIB. It also provided screenshots that appear to be from the burner.

They haven't claimed responsibility for the 10 billion SHIB burn yet, but they have provided photographs of the Burn Portal.

Forever $SHIB has been contacted by Planet Crypto for comment.

The SHIB community has been quick to appreciate the large burn given the transaction's size. "Whoa, this SHIB burn is insane," Shiba Growth's Milkshake stated.

Through the burn portal, a total of 41 billion SHIB had been destroyed. The community continues to rally behind it, wanting to see the Shiba circulating supply reduce. 

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