Axie Infinity Breeding: How To Breed In Axie Infinity, And How Much Does It Cost?


Axie Infinity Breeding: Axie Infinity new breeding costs: Triple SLP and halved AXS

One of the most important aspects of Axie Infinity is breeding an Axie, but how does it all work?

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Axie Infinity breeding allows players to create offspring of their digital pets, known as Axies, in order to continue playing the game - either by utilizing or selling these new Axies.

However, breeding an Axie is a difficult task that requires some supervision and goes beyond the scope of the Axie Infinity starter guide. The player must know how to mix the features of two Axies to create a powerful offspring that can assist them to seize the lead in the game. Here's all you need to know about it.

Breeding Requirements For An Axie

A scholar must acquire the following before breeding two Axies together:

  - Axies that are fruitful and compatible

  - AXS and Smooth Love Potions (SLP)

  - In Axie Infinity, How To Breed An Axie

  - You may breed your own Axie by following the instructions outlined below:

  - From the Dashboard, go to your Axie Inventory.

  - Select the first Axie you'd want to breed, then click the Breed button.

  - The button will open a new window for you. Select the other Axie with which you want to breed your first Axie.

  - Once you've made your selection, click the Let's Breed button to begin the breeding process.

After you've completed the process, you'll receive a notification notifying him of the egg that was generated through breeding. It will take 24 hours for the egg to hatch.

After 24 hours, the Axie will be produced as a larva, which will subsequently turn into a petite, allowing you to examine its class qualities and genes. After 48 hours, a petite transforms into an Axie, the offspring's highest and adult form. Scholars will be charged a nominal price to finish the morphing process.

What Are Genetics And Mutations In The Axie Infinity Breeding System?

Each Axie has 18 genes distributed evenly throughout its six body parts and form. In every area of the body, an Axie has three genes: dominant, recessive, and minor recessive. The dominant gene is important because it determines which body parts will be physically present in Axie when she is born.

In Axie Infinity, a mutation is described as a process in which a gene turns into a random body component that was not inherited from its parents. Mutations have a 10% probability of occurring, especially in 6 recessive genes and 6 very recessive genes.

How Much Does Axie Breeding Cost?

After a Sky Mavis update quadrupled the prices, Axie Infinity users would have to spend extra to breed their priceless Axies.

A player must have 0.5 AXS (formerly 1 AXS) and a certain number of SLP depending on the breeding count of the Axie in order to breed it. The following are the costs:

 BREED COUNT                                                 TOTAL SLP COST

1                                                                                 1800

2                                                                                  2700

3                                                                                 4500

4                                                                                 7200

5                                                                                 11700

6                                                                                 18900

7                                                                                    30900

The price of SLP increased by 19 percent with the breeding fee revisions in December 2021.

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