Axie Infinity Roadmap: New Axie Infinity Update And Latest News



Axie Infinity will receive a slew of game-changing improvements in the future, according to the roadmap.

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Despite the several new NFT projects that have recently launched, Axie Infinity stays towards the top of the NFT lists. In mid-2021, Axie Infinity witnessed a massive increase in its player population, approaching 1 million daily users. By the end of the year, Axie Infinity land for the metaverse had sparked a lot of interest.

Axie Infinity has put out some ambitious ambitions for the future of Axie Infinity in order to retain this high level of interest. Check out what Sky Mavis has planned for Axie Infinity.

Roadmap for Axie Infinity

AXS staking, which debuted in September 2021, was the most recent large-scale update to Axie Infinity. Players can receive prizes in the form of fresh AXS by staking AXS, or Axie Infinity Shards.

The long-awaited land gameplay, codenamed Undertaking K, is Axie Infinity's next big project. Axie Infinity's land gameplay was originally scheduled to arrive in Q1 2020, however, the community alpha was pushed back to Q4 2021. The land gameplay community alpha, on the other hand, now has a generic release date of '2022' on the roadmap.

"Land is so crucial for the future of the community, economy, and we want to make sure it gives the experience you deserve," Sky Mavis stated in a December post.

The territory of Axie Infinity is already for sale, and it has become a popular topic of conversation in the metaverse.

Sky Mavis has divided Project K into three segments in the long run:

  - Phase 1: Land management and simulation. This involves resource collecting, construction, and commerce.

  - Additional management gameplay, such as skill trees, employment, and co-op, will be included in Phase 2.

  - Phase 3: Continued group gaming via conquering wars (or defending).

The switch to a 3D visual style is perhaps the most significant change in the land gameplay update. The teaser may be seen below.

Sky Mavis will release the Lunacia SDK Alpha in 2022. This will provide a select number of players access to a map editor where they may design games using Axie Infinity elements before storing them as tradeable NFTs. However, no timetable has been set for the complete release of Lunacia SDK by the developers.

Sky Mavis also plans to release an iOS/Android version of Axie Infinity this year, despite the fact that the game is currently available on mobile platforms.

Finally, we may anticipate greater governance elements in Axie Infinity in 2022, possibly in the form of the Axie Infinity DAO. Sky Mavis claims that by 2023, it will not have a majority vote in Axie Infinity.

Updates on Axie Infinity

The introduction of Axie Infinity Season 20 is included in the most recent Axie Infinity Update. Season 21 is now live on Axie Infinity, and it brings with it a slew of new features, including major changes to the adventure and daily quest categories, which will no longer reward players.

The Axie Team has recently launched Axie Infinity Origins, a new version of the game that is now available to users.

The new Axie Infinity origin provides the game with improved mechanisms, features, and specs, as well as new mechanics such as sequential turns and the option to reset energy and cards in each turn. New power-up runes and charms will be added to the game, as well as adjustments based on consumer input to make the gameplay more player-friendly and distinctive.

Previously, Axie Infinity released version 1.13.3, which repaired common bugs and improved the assault of the Anenome, Cerastes, Dark Swoop, and Oranda components somewhat. Meanwhile, the Caterpillar and Gila sections have had their defenses reduced, while the Sponge portion has had both its attack and defense reduced.

This appears to be the final Axie Infinity balancing patch until the conclusion of Season 20 and the start of Season 21, which is set to begin on April 25th, 2022. In addition, the Axie Infinity Origin game is now in development and will be released on April 7, 2022, according to the Axie Substack.

The Axie team has published a new update patch that contains substantial new enhancements such as bug and issue fixes, as well as upgrades to the game's overall layout.

Aside from that, there's a new update on the supply and demand for Smooth Love Potion. Sky Mavis is experimenting with ways to reduce SLP supply or raise demand, as she does so regularly. In the most recent Dev Journal, it offered the following methods:

  - Rebalance SLP payouts from missions, PvP, and PvE in-game.

  - Reduce SLP prizes and distribute more AXS in Leaderboard rewards.

  - Automated or "non-skilled" gaming, such as PvE engagements, will result in lower SLP awards.

  - Axies should have a burning mechanism.

  - Using the Marketplace charge to buy back SLPs


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