Binance Quiz: How To Answer Binance Learn And Earn Questions


Binance Quiz: How To Answers Learn & Earn Quiz Questions Binance New 

Binance has started its Learn and Earn initiative, which aims to increase user engagement on the platform by providing high-quality crypto material.

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This crypto project follows Coinbase Earn, which allows users to earn AMP, The Graph, SKALE, and other tokens by doing crypto quizzes. In March, Binance launched its Bitcoin Button game, which allows players to earn BTC.

Let's take a look at how consumers may use the Binance Earn and Learn program to their advantage.

What is Binance Learn And Earn, and how does it work?

Binance established its Learn and Earn Program to encourage users to learn more about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology fundamentals.

Users are encouraged to view instructional crypto videos and read articles as part of the project. They will then participate in quizzes based on them in order to receive cryptocurrency prizes.

Apart from two introductory courses, Binance presently offers courses in the following areas:

  * Ankr (ANKR) 

  * Polkastarter (POLS)

  * WOO Network

  * Terra (LUNA)

How To Earn With Binance Quiz

Users that sign up for the Binance Learn and Earn program will receive additional coin incentives if they complete the requirements below.

  - Go to the Binance Earn and Learn page on their website.

  - Look through the various crypto courses and tests to see which ones you'd want to take.

  - Choose a course, read the instructions, and finish the course within the allotted time.

  - If you pass the quiz, you'll be eligible for crypto awards right now.

  - Click just Accounts> Rewards to claim the award.

However, there is a minor issue here: at the time of writing, all online quizzes appear to have exhausted the available awards. "All incentives have been redeemed, stay tuned!" says the notification above each question.

Furthermore, the site said that it is expanding its Binance Learn and Earn program and will be launching a new round of quizzes on crypto and blockchain topics. The next round will be offered in three stages, with interesting crypto incentives distributed first-come-first-served.

Furthermore, Binance just launched its third round of Binance learn-and-earn, which would allow users to earn free crypto tokens. According to the official release, all KYC confirmed accounts must view films and do quizzes by the deadline of 2022-05-06, while token supplies last.

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