CK1: Shiba Inu Team Tweet Out CK1 Teaser, But What Could It Mean?


CK1: Shiba Inu Team Tweet Out CK1 Teaser, But What Could It Mean?

The Shiba Inu community went into a guessing overdrive after seeing these three letters, with the Shiba project leading Shytoshi Kusama to publish a series of tweets on the name.

While it may have been an innocuous or inconsequential tweet, it was quickly followed by videos and postings from the Shiba Growth team. This indicates that it is tied to a concrete SHIB-related initiative, such as the John Richmond cooperation or the Welly restaurant collaboration.

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As the Shibarium community waits for additional information, here's what the CK1 word may signify for SHIB.

What is the CK1 Teaser for the Shiba Inu?

Shytoshi merely stated "CK1" in a tweet on Twitter. Several members of the Growth Breed, including Kraken, followed suit, with Kraken providing a video teaser.

 CK1 is a Calvin Klein scent, according to your first impressions and what Google informs you. At first look, this appears to indicate that Shiba Inu has partnered with Calvin Klein, similar to the AXE Dogecoin bodyspray.

Kraken, a member of the Defence and Growth Breed, appears to have discredited this theory. It was not Calvin Klein, they tweeted, leaving the riddle unsolved.

Other SHIB holders have hypothesized that the CK1 teaser refers to Paradox Interactive's Crusader Kings 1, a tactical RPG. While Playside Studios is developing the Shiba Inu Game, ruling out Paradox's involvement, the Shiba Inu metaverse is a different matter.

The AAA studio in charge of the metaverse's aesthetic aspects has yet to be revealed. Could this metaverse initiative be led by dox?

Well, maybe not. Kraken disregarded the Crusader Kings' connection once more.

So, what do we have now? Well, not a lot. Could C stand for cryptography? Maybe. Is this a brand-new token? Most likely not. F-CK1 Ching-Kuo fighter plane from AIDC? It's unlikely.

According to one theory, CK is related to Carl Kwoh, the VP of Phoenix Labs. Shiba Game developer William Volk also attended GDC, where Kwoh spoke.

Regardless, considering the number of people connected to SHIB who have tweeted CK1, the official facts will most certainly be revealed soon.


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