Coinbase Mina Quiz Answers: Learn & Earn Free $3 MINA Token


Coinbase Mina Quiz Answers: How To Earn Mina On Coinbase Quiz

Users may now earn free Mina coins by answering the Coinbase Mina quiz correctly, thanks to the recent Coinbase Quiz update. But what exactly are they?

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Aside from fresh Coinbase listings, the exchange also has a large library of Coinbase quizzes, such as SKALE, AMP, and GRT, that customers may play to win free cryptocurrency.

Coinbase Mina quiz answers, which were just introduced, can assist customers in obtaining MINA by answering a few basic crypto questions. The following is a complete list of all Coinbase MINA quiz answers that may be used to earn free MINA.

How To Earn Mina On Coinbase Quiz

With the new Coinbase Earn tool, earning free MINA has never been easier.

Users must first view a brief video sample of the associated cryptocurrency before being asked to answer a series of questions based on the video. For your convenience, we've compiled a collection of all MINA quiz answers:

Question 1: What is Mina?

Question 2: What are zkApps?

Question 3: What role does the MINA token play in the Mina blockchain?

Answers to the Coinbase Mina Quiz

To take the Coinbase Mina quiz, go to the Coinbase Learn and Earn website and choose the Mina crypto quiz that is available.

This will need you to first view a brief film on the cryptocurrency before letting you input your answers and be eligible to win some Mina.

While some existing Mina holders expected the coin's price to rise as a result of its inclusion on Coinbase Learn and Earn, this has yet to happen. Mina has lost 20% in the previous seven days.

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