Developer Behind Ethereum Fork Recommends Delaying Luna Hard Fork Decision


Developer Behind Ethereum Fork Recommends Delaying Luna Hard Fork Decision

According to a developer participating in the Ethereum fork, the Terra Luna community should reject the Luna fork for the time being.

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With the Terra Luna vote now underway to determine if a hard fork should be implemented, Dexaran, a programmer who was a key member of the Ethereum Classic team before it split from Ethereum, has stated that Luna must learn from the problems Ethereum saw when it split.

The Terra community is divided on Do Kwon's proposal for Luna recovery. Instead, many people like a Luna burn.

Terra Luna's Ethereum Classic Lessons

"This move will not fix the existing challenges; instead, it will fragment a powerful and cohesive group," Dexaran, a Callisto Network member, remarked.

Dexaran observed the connection between Ethereum's DAO hard fork and the current Luna fork proposal in a post on the Terra Research Forum, implying that it would not happen.

He remarked, "[The Ethereum Foundation] offered the community a very limited time window to partake in a pseudo-voting process without a sufficient description and discussion around the matter."

"As a result, a significant portion of the community (including me) disapproved of the Ethereum Foundation's conduct and backed the old chain, rejecting the hard fork."

He said that the Ethereum split was caused by "a lack of consensus" amongst the community and developers, rather than the idea itself. As a result, he advocated for further research and study of alternate options.

This reflects what the developer said about a fork suggestion on Twitter.

A new Luna will be launched under the current hard fork plan. It will see the demise of the Terra network and the birth of Luna Classic.

Do Kwon, CEO of TerraForm Labs, linked the Luna crypto fall to the DAO. Terra's DAO hack moment is the "UST peg collapse," he added. "A second opportunity to rise from the ashes."

Terra Luna vs. Ethereum

Dexaran also pointed out a few distinctions that he thinks make the Luna fork less important than the Ethereum fork.

"[The Ethereum fork] strategy is supported by a time constraint that compelled Ethereum to make a hasty choice," he explained. This was in response to the DAO breach. The hacker had set a timer that would allow them to withdraw the stolen monies once it was completed.

"There is no such time restriction in the case of Luna, and there is good incentive to stick to a more deliberate solution development method."

Other difficulties with the fork, including the disappearance of the stablecoin from Terra, are detailed in Dexaran's complete post. He also criticized the Luna Foundation Group's efforts to maintain the UST peg, arguing that more openness in the transactions is required.

Despite the community's complaints, the fork proposal presently has an 80 percent vote in favor of a new chain. Many Terra developers, particularly the Terra Builders Alliance, think it is critical to the Terra ecosystem's survival. 

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