Do Crypto Markets Close: what time of day are cryptos most traded?


Do Crypto Markets Close: What Time Does The Crypto Market Open And Close?

People have a frequent misconception that crypto markets have a specific starting and closing time, but do they?

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Unlike regular stock markets, which have a set starting and closing time, crypto markets are constructed differently and operate and execute transactions in their own way. After all, blockchains and smart contracts eliminate the need for many human factors.

Here's a look at the crypto market trading hours in more detail.

Do Crypto Markets Close?

No, crypto markets do not close, to answer your burning question. They are open every day of the year and work around the clock.

The conventional stock market, on the other hand, has more fixed trading hours and is only open Monday through Friday.

There is, of course, one major caveat. Cryptocurrency exchanges, on the other hand, can close at any time. While these exchanges typically run around the clock, they do periodically suspend trading on particular pairs for maintenance or excessive congestion.

This implies that if Coinbase or the Binance App is unavailable, you may be unable to trade.

In a crypto setting, however, the terms open and close can be employed.

When Do The Cryptocurrency Markets Open And Close?

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency market does not have an open and close, many price trackers nevertheless show values at these times.

12:00 AM UTC is the start time, and 11:59 PM UTC is the end time. The market, however, does not close at this hour. It's more of an arbitrary timeframe for tracking cryptocurrency values based on more traditional financial markets.

These are the "Earliest data in range" and "Latest data in range," according to CoinMarketCap.

As a result, the crypto market has no set starting or closing timings. Although activity may fluctuate based on the number of traders awake at certain hours, it appears that the crypto market is unstoppable.

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