GameStop NFT Release Date: GameStop’s inevitable NFT marketplace is on the way


GameStop NFT Release Date: When Is The GameStop NFT Marketplace Coming Out?

GameStop is preparing to enter the NFT industry with its GameStop NFT marketplace, which will let customers explore and purchase gaming NFTs that can then be sold on prominent marketplace platforms.

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The rising popularity of non-fungible tokens has inspired several major game developers to include them as required in-game goods. Play-to-earn games, a type that allows users to earn and exchange NFTs in-game, were born as a result of this.

So, when will the GameStop NFT marketplace be available?

NFT Release Date at GameStop

The Gamestop NFT is now coming to fruition, as the firm just announced plans to co-create a $100 million fund that will be utilized by game developers and artists to build new gaming NFTs.

According to sources, the firm is working on its coin and marketplace development utilizing Immutable X, a layer two blockchain.

The business has previously posted a job drive for persons interested in joining its NFT team, indicating that work is still underway.

A job posting for software development, for example, hints that Gamestop's NFT project will take longer to finish.

The company just released a test version of its NFT marketplace on Loopring. According to the official blog post, Loopring's Head of Growth Adam Browman stated that the beta version is now available, allowing users to establish their own username and profile, as well as "make deposits and prepare for the full launch of the official platform."

What is NFT Gamestop?

The post also goes through some minor elements that GameStop uses to set itself apart from other NFT markets. According to the page, the Gamestop NFT marketplace aims to give authority back to creators, players, and collectors by allowing them to manage and monitor marketplace functions.

The teaser page for GameStop also has an Ethereum smart contract address, indicating that the marketplace would function on Ethereum. Given that the bulk of NFTs currently run on the Ethereum blockchain, this makes logical.

Additionally, the Gamestop NFT marketplace has chosen to collaborate with Immutable X, which aims to reduce energy use and gas costs. This might allow the gaming behemoth to get around technological restrictions and introduce lower-cost tariffs to entice consumers.

The marketplace just opened an official Twitter account and is now working to enhance its social media presence.



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