Here's How Vitalik Buterin's SHIB Charity Donation Has Been Spent So Far


Here's how Vitalik Buterin's SHIB charity donation has so far been used.

Along with his big SHIB burn in May 2021, Vitalik Buterin contributed 50 trillion SHIB to the India Crypto Covid Relief Fund.

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This SHIB, which was eventually auctioned off for approximately $400 million through September 2021, has already begun supporting numerous initiatives in India.

Vitalik Buterin, who had to purchase a new laptop merely to burn SHIB, has now revealed further information about the receivers. Here's what he had to say.

Update on Shiba Inu Donations

Buterin updated many receivers of money from his now-established Balvi Fund in a Twitter thread.

He mentioned the following organizations as having received funds from the initial SHIB contribution for their programs. Among them are:

  - Collaboration on Vaccines for Rapid Deployment

  - UVGI Project in the Upper Room

  - Indoor air quality sensors and air purifiers from ActiveBuilding

  - A study on long-term COVID symptoms

"Balvi is thrilled to be able to help them, and many more initiatives will be sponsored in the near future," he added.

Members of the ShibArmy praised the update and usage of funds in their responses to Buterin's tweet. They did point out, however, that the Ethereum co-founder had mistakenly tagged the wrong Twitter account in the message.

Milkshake of the Shiba Growth Breed stated said "It's @Shibtoken Vitalik, that's the incorrect account." But thank you for providing such a timely update." 

Others pointed out that Buterin referred to Shiba Inu as a currency rather than a token.

After reporting that it had spent millions on needles, medical equipment, ventilators, and ICU beds using Buterin's funding, the Crypto Relief fund congratulated SHIB for the gift in January. However, the company's website, which formerly displayed a complete breakdown of spending, appears to be unavailable.

At the end of April 2022, it has $277 million left, according to an Airtable on Medium.

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