How To Buy And Transfer SLP From Binance to Ronin Wallet


SLP From Binance: How To Buy And Transfer SLP From Binance to Ronin Wallet

Here's what you need to know if you want to purchase or trade SLP on Binance to benefit from SLP's involvement in the Axie ecosystem.

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Smooth Love Potions, or SLP, are tokens used by Axie Infinity, one of the most popular play-to-earn games, with Binance currently becoming a prominent exchange for trading SLP. Axie Infinity pays its participants with SLP, which can then be exchanged for fiat cash on cryptocurrency marketplaces like Binance.

These SLPs aid and speed Axie Infinity breeding, letting players to go further in the game. Let's take a look at how Binance users can trade SLP.

How to Buy Binance's Smooth Love Potions

With the addition of the BNB/SLP pair, Binance has made it considerably easier for its customers to acquire and trade SLP. Here's what you should do after signing up with Binance.

  - To trade for SLP, deposit your favorite cryptocurrency, whether it's ETH, BUSD, BNB, or BNB.

  - Check your balance to see if the bitcoin you deposited has been processed and reflected in your account.

  - Access the Exchange button on the dashboard to place a buy order for SLPs on Binance.

  - Find your SLP trading pair by searching for it.

  - Enter the required quantity of SLP that can be purchased with the cryptocurrency you currently have in your account to place your order.

  - Wait for your transaction to be completed after clicking confirm

How To Move SLP From Binance To Ronin Wallet

Players must transfer SLP from their Binance accounts to their Axie Infinity Ronin wallet in order to make purchases in-game using the Ronin wallet. In order to do so, users must:

  - Hover over the Wallet tab on Binance and pick Fiat and Spot.

Then select Withdraw.

 - Choose Ronin (Ron) as your network.

 - Copy your address from your Ronin wallet (Ronin).

 - Copy it and paste it into the address bar of your Binance account.

 - To move forward, click Continue.

 - Complete the security assessment. Once you've finished, click submit.

That's everything! It may take a while for the transaction status to appear in your ronin account, but once it does, you're ready to trade on the Axie Infinity Marketplace.

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