Internet-Breaking Shiba Inu News Is Happening in Slow Motion, Says Shytoshi Kusama


Shytoshi Kusama: Shiba Inu Has a Deal 98% Locked That Will Break the Internet

Internet-Breaking Shiba Inu News Is Happening in Slow Motion, Says Shytoshi Kusama

According to SHIB leader Shytoshi Kusama, the long-awaited Shiba Inu internet-breaking news is being constructed, although slowly.

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Shytoshi claimed people are already seeing the internet-breaking endeavor unfold in the Welly Discord after the restaurant revealed a 15 percent ownership of Shiba Inu.

Here's a closer look while the ShibArmy waits for word on Shibarium and the Shiba Inu Games.

Internet-Breaking Shiba News

One of the members of the Welly Discord approached Shytoshi about the internet-breaking news. He responded by saying:

"You're witnessing it be developed in slow motion...the majority of people aren't aware of it yet."

"We are actually producing numerous things at the same time without a massive VC investment or corporate boss," he continued. This requires patience. There's a lot of it. However, I believe that all

Shytoshi first mentioned the possibility of internet-breaking SHIB news in February, when he indicated they had a contract in place that would crash the internet.

While some speculated that the John Richmond NFT partnership with SHIB was internet-breaking news, it appears that this is only partially correct. Alternatively, as a reference to the prior sentence, this internet-breaking motto may have been adopted for a broader section of the ecosystem.

The description of this happening in slow time corresponds to the Shiba Inu roadmap's project plan. Instead of committing to delivery deadlines and rushing projects, the team appears to have taken a more careful approach, avoiding over-promising speedy turnarounds for its numerous initiatives.

Over the last month, the Shiba team has published a slew of new projects. In mid-April, the Shiba Inu Metaverse began selling land. The Shiba burn portal was then launched, destroying approximately $500,000 in SHIB in the process.

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