Luna Announcement: Is A Terra Luna Announcement Coming?


Is There Going To Be A Terra Luna Announcement?

Luna's sudden price drop has spawned online rumors regarding a Luna announcement.

On Twitter, a Luna announcement frenzy produced significant pandemonium over the weekend, but there was one snag. While TerraForm Labs CEO Do Kwon outlined a Luna recovery strategy, there was no "major Luna announcement" planned.

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Many social media identities with Terra Luna in their names sprung up after the Luna cryptocurrency meltdown, touting prospective announcements. These included anything from the normal "moon" tweets to some more malevolent ones.

So, let's take a deeper look at the facts around the Luna announcement speculation.

Is There Going To Be A Terra Luna Announcement?

Despite several social media posts implying otherwise, TerraForm Labs has offered no hint that a major announcement is on the way.

Luna's sudden price drop has ushered in a new wave of Luna-centric Twitter accounts, many of whom are writing about how Luna will return to its prior heights and other normal Crypto Twitter messages.

Users, on the other hand, have reported various Twitter handles for perhaps publicizing a bogus Luna announcement. These announcements encouraged investors to prepare USDT on Binance, for example, in anticipation of a major announcement. Only there would be no announcement.

Other sources, following in the footsteps of those advocating Shiba Inu fires, predicted a large Luna burn

Some accounts began marketing other cryptocurrencies alongside Luna, dubbed Luna 2.0, in other places. After seeing their prices climb, these coins, which had no connection to Luna or the Terra ecosystem, immediately "pumped and dumped."

Terra swiftly published its own statement addressing impersonation, already under fire from a community that has seen its market worth plummet by billions.

Many crypto Twitter accounts are posting bogus notifications, according to the update. Terra advised visitors to use caution while accessing such information. It urged consumers to be wary of frauds that used the Terra or Luna logos. Luna's breakdown continues to trend on Twitter, thus this is still hot.


Of course, there will be a Terra Luna announcement at some time, but no one knows when - or what - the Terra environment will be next. The ongoing debate on a Luna fork to resurrect Terra is unlikely to end anytime soon. Until then, all Luna owners can do is wait.


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