Luna Coinbase: Will Terra Luna Go Up – Delisted from Binance Futures


Luna Coinbase: Coinbase No Longer Plans To List Terra Luna After Collapse

Is Coinbase's anticipated Terra Luna IPO on hold?

With the Luna Coinbase petition gathering traction during the Luna coin fall, the issue of whether Coinbase would ever include Luna crypto exchange remains unanswered.

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Luna will be listed among the new Coinbase listings, according to an update published by the exchange in early May. However, given the price of Luna, which had previously spun out of control and fallen below $0.01, the exchange's attitudes appear to have altered.

Coinbase also froze all crypto activities with Wrapped Luna, highlighting the company's recent volatility difficulties. What does the future hold for a Luna Coinbase listing now that a Luna recovery plan is in place?

Will Terra Luna be added to Coinbase?

After the huge crash, Coinbase stated that it would no longer list Luna.

Terra Luna was originally mentioned in a blog post about new assets with Kusama and Project Galaxy. On May 13, it changed this post, eliminating Luna from the list of upcoming postings. Luna had just been placed on the list for a week when this happened.

Coinbase did not provide a reason for the removal of Luna, however considering that it mentioned Luna's volatility as a reason for suspending UST and Wrapped Luna trade on May 27, this is most likely the explanation.

 Several additional exchanges have delisted or halted trading in Luna as a result of the crash, although several still let customers buy it.

However, Luna and Coinbase aren't out of the woods yet. The upcoming Luna fork might result in a new version of Luna being listed on Coinbase instead.

This isn't assured, though, because the fork has remained acrimonious among the Bitcoin world. On other exchanges, the new Luna's future likewise appears to be uncertain.

For example, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao stated that he believes the fork would fail. "Forking has no value for the new fork," he explained. "Wishful thinking," she says.

As further information concerning the future of a Luna Coinbase listing becomes available, we'll update this page.

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