Mystery Shiba Inu Metaverse Developer Announcement May Floor SHIB Holders


Mystery Shiba Inu Metaverse Developer Announcement May Floor SHIB Holders

SHIB leader Shytoshi Kusama expressed his enthusiasm for an imminent announcement in comments, implying that a major developer may be on board for the Shiba Inu Metaverse.

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With the Shiba Inu property auction in full gear, many owners are eager to learn more about how it will appear outside of the 2D map. Now, Shytoshi's statements imply that the first developer onboarded to the metaverse project will impress SHIB holders.

So, how much do we know about this unidentified developer?

An Important Shiba Developer Announcement

Shytoshi expressed his excitement for the imminent Shiba Inu metaverse developer announcement in a Telegram channel.

"Everyone is going to be floored by what we're going to disclose next week or the week after," he stated. "Even I am taken aback."

Shytoshi then announced that, similar to the William Volk revelation for the Shiba Inu Game, they will first unveil the person picked to head this arm of the metaverse.

"So you know how Volk was hired for the game." "Well, the metaverse requires the same level," Shytoshi continued.

The possibility of a metaverse developer has sparked speculation, particularly in light of the CK1 teaser. However, Shytoshi stated that predicting who the mystery figure would be is "impossible."

Of course, this hasn't deterred many ShibArmy members. Names associated with Activision Blizzard and other large AAA firms are still being bandied about.

"Absolutely not," he answered when asked whether he had any clus. I can't even say anything at this level."

This comes after Shytoshi tweeted earlier in May that he had "the finest meeting in my whole career as Shytoshi," which was most likely about the metaverse.

According to Shytoshi's statements, the announcement will be made next week or the next week. As a result, we're expecting the unveiling to happen in May.

According to information in a blog post, the SHIB metaverse developer was supposed to be unveiled in April. However, owing to delays or changes in the alliances, this never happened.


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