SHIB Extended Universe: Shiba Inu Game Narrative Spans Through Ecosystem


SHIB Extended Universe: Shiba Inu Game Narrative Will Span Through Ecosystem

After Shytoshi Kusama declared that the Shiba Inu Game storyline will continue beyond collaborations and projects, Shiba Inu will gain its own expanded world.

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Shytoshi stated in a blog post on May 10 that the story would feature parts of the Shiboshi NFTs, a collaboration with John Richmond, and will continue into the Shiba Inu metaverse.

This scenario from the SHIB lead is also known as the Shib Collectible Card Game (Shib CCG).

Shiba Inu Game Gets An Extended Narrative

Shytoshi discussed the latest developments with Playside and William Volk as the Shiba Inu game development proceeds in the article.

"We were obliged to create a SHIB'narrative' that gives the SHIB CCG substance, giving it more than simply memes, combat cards, and amazing graphics," Shytoshi stated. ”

All we knew about Shiba's function in the games until now was their place on the in-game cards. These would be based on numerous Shiba-related elements.

However, we now know that this extends farther, involving numerous projects and the title's plot.

"I've devised a tale that covers not only this galaxy but also the next," Shytoshi explained, "while providing an ongoing plot for the game and metaverse (without imposing any boundaries)."

The story includes Shiboshis, John Richmond, and Welly, in addition to the game and metaverse. It will also cause components to enlarge.

The blog article appears to place a special focus on linkages to the metaverse. While holders wait for the mysterious Shiba metaverse creator to be revealed, indications from the games might quickly relate to the metaverse.

We don't currently have any particular information regarding the game's contents or fundamental narrative. Players should, however, anticipate receiving this information shortly. Shytoshi had stated that the Shiba Inu Game will be released in September, but it might happen sooner.

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