Shiba Inu Red Bull Collab Teased By Shytoshi Kusama Following Meeting


Shiba Inu Red Bull Collab Teased By Shytoshi Kusama Following Meeting

After a good meeting between the SHIB team and the brand, a Shiba Inu Red Bull relationship might be in the works.

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Following the Red Bull meeting, Shiba Inu project leads Shytoshi Kusama and Growth member Milkshake both tweeted their joy.

This might be the biggest Shiba cooperation yet, involving collaborations with John Richmond and Welly. Here's what happened.

Red Bull x Shiba Inu

Shytoshi praised Red Bull for meeting with him to talk about Shiba Inu on Twitter, paving the way for a future partnership.

He said, "Thanks for the conversation about everything SHIB, Red Bull." I hope to communicate with you again in the future!"

Milkshake, but in a more vague manner, also tweeted about the encounter. "Just had a fantastic and productive meeting! It gave me wings," she said.

These tweets hint that a Shiba x Red Bull cooperation might take place in the future. Indeed, the fact that they were not sworn to secrecy and could tweet about the meeting increases the likelihood of a compromise.

Of course, there's no way of knowing what, if anything, this possible relationship will lead to. While Red Bull is best known for its energy drinks, its sponsorships of athletic events ranging from Formula One to Soapbox Racing and video games, as well as its ownership of many major European football teams, provide Shiba Inu with a wide range of prospects.

Shiba Inu claims it has not spent any money on marketing. A sponsorship with Red Bull, on the other hand, may persuade them to release their marketing cash. In February, Red Bull Racing secured a $150 million sponsorship contract with cryptocurrency exchange Bybit.

Regardless matter the conclusion, Shytoshi, and Milkshake's Red Bull tease is enough to keep the Shiba community intrigued - and speculating - until Shibarium is released. 

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