Terra Luna Vote: Preliminary Luna Poll Suggests 90% Of Community Against Fork


Terra Luna Vote: Preliminary Luna Poll Suggests 90% Off Community Against Fork

According to a preliminary Terra Luna poll, the Luna community is largely opposed to a Luna branch.

Following the Luna crypto meltdown, Do Kwon's Luna recovery plan suggests a hard fork that would establish a new chain. While the initial idea centered on UST, it appears that the community still opposes Kwon's concept.

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What does this signify for the future of the Terra ecosystem now that the focus has shifted to Luna burns?

Terra Luna's Hard Fork Vote

The Revival Plan V2 Preliminary Vote, an unofficial survey on the Terra Research Forum, revealed that a majority of the Luna community opposes a fork.

After 6000 votes, published by user Morpheus9 to gauge public opinion, 92 percent of votes were against a fork, with only 8% in favor.

Some of the reasons for this vote are revealed in the poll's comments. This segment of the Luna community appears to be opposed to the plan, whether it is due to a lack of trust in TerraForm Labs, a preference for Luna burns, or a disagreement with the development plan.

Of course, this snapshot vote is not binding, and it does not rule out the possibility of a Luna hard fork. On May 18, a governance vote will be held in which Luna stakeholders will vote on the fork proposal.

The proposed fork would result in a fresh chain split, decreasing the circulating quantity of Luna to 1 billion coins. It would also rename the existing chain and coin, Terra Classic and Luna Classic, respectively.

Since the Luna disaster, two options for recovery have emerged: forking or burning. On Terra Station, a community request to add a burning transaction cost is active, although it has not yet attained quorum.

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