Which Play-to-Earn NFT Games Are Best On Android and iOS for Playing and Investing in 2022?


Best NFT Games for Mobile: Which Play-to-Earn NFT Games Are Best On Android and iOS for Playing and Investing in 2022?

It might be difficult to decide which of the many excellent NFT play-to-earn games, to begin with. However, which is better for Android or iOS users?

The usage of NFTs in gaming enables players to purchase exclusive in-game products or assets under their own names and retain ownership of the objects acquired in their whole. Similarly, users may generate passive revenue by selling assets on the open market in various NFT games.

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With the numerous advantages of NFT games in mind, here is a list of five popular NFT games for mobile.

upcoming NFT mobile games


Sorare is an immersive football game in which players may buy, sell, and manage a virtual team.

The players are represented by Ethereum blockchain-based digital cards. By participating in many competitions and/or forming a squad utilizing football player cards, users may earn real-time money in either cash or bitcoin (ETH).

Forest Knight

The game is set in a fantasy environment with mythological creatures and prizes, and it allows players to travel through several levels and defeat their opponents to take control of the game. Players may also form their own band of knights to combat monsters and build their own city to control and administer. New prizes become available as you go through each task.

Unchained Gods

Gods Unchained, according to CoinMarketCap, is a play-to-earn online strategic trading card game. Users receive high-ranking cards from other players in order to lead the game.

Players can acquire GODS tokens, which can be utilized in-game or exchanged for profit on exchanges.

Infinity Axie

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games of all time, with over 2 million active users and continuing to top worldwide gaming statistics.

Players gather, raise, and breed mythological Axies - animals that can also combat other players' Axies - in this game. Axie Infinity gives its players AXS or SLP (Smooth Love Potions) tokens as a prize. After then, the player can exchange these.


CryptoKitties is another NFT game based on the Ethereum Blockchain that allows participants to buy, sell, nurture, and breed cats to produce unique ERC-20 tokens with certain qualities. Players may also make money by selling CryptoKitties on OpenSea.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual NFT game inspired by Metaverse that allows users to buy land, create houses, and go about their daily lives in a virtual gaming environment.

The game's native token, $SAND, allows users to buy any in-game item they desire and trade the crypto they earn on a variety of cryptocurrency platforms.


You may earn awards by playing games in a P2P game like MOBOX. On iOS, you may play Trade Action, OMO Farmer, and Token Master, among other MOBOX NFT games. MOBOX is a technology that combines NFTs, entertainment, and Defi. This is one of the games that offer players an intriguing ecology in which they may obtain unique NFTs and maximize their earnings. MOBOX also features its own marketplace where you can simply sell and purchase game stuff as a free-to-play game.

Reward Hunters

This is one of the most recent play-to-earn games that has been customized for iOS and Android. A combat royale mode, an open environment, various avatars, and a medieval background are all included. You can play a one-on-one match or an eight-player game in which the last person standing wins. This P2E Android and iOS optimized game will have betting events and weekly tournaments in the future, among other things. To participate, participants must have the RHT token, which allows them to earn Binance Coin (BNB).

Farmers World

Farmers World allows users to construct and harvest farms utilizing a variety of equipment, materials, and areas. The WAX blockchain was used to construct the game that has lately gained popularity. According to its website, it has approximately 150,000 active players. Of course, certain NFTs are required for the Farmers World game. To extend your farm, you can construct hen coops and cowsheds. Meanwhile, in one of the most exciting play-to-earn mobile games, you may engage in conflicts with other farmers to win money.

Monsta Infinite

Monsta Infinite is one of those NFT games where you can predict what it's about just by glancing at the name. Monsta Infinite is a multi-game play-to-earn NFT platform that includes a number of monster-themed crypto games with a lot of promise. You must acquire three monsters from the marketplace to participate in the Monsta Infinite world wars. Every monster has the same six talents, two attack cards, and two defensive cards in the game.


Earn games by playing. Soon after its release, Android and iOS users began to utilize meme NFTs. Collectibles, gachas, RPGs, and adventures are all flawlessly integrated into one universe in this Pokemon-inspired crypto game. Players may assemble an army of pets to combat within both PvE and PvP modes. Players can acquire three different in-game currencies, including Ambrosia. Mons may be purchased in the marketplace using DRK, the local currency.


MoonLabs, the company that creates Devikins, seeks gamers first. Players may gather characters by breeding new ones and collecting them in Devikins. The fighting mechanism in this turn-based RPG is similar to that of JRPGs, but with a Tamagotchi twist. Players may also use Devicoin to purchase and sell characters through a built-in marketplace (DVK).

Plant vs Undead

Zombies vs. Plants The main gameplay principles of Plants vs. Undead will be familiar to gamers. It has a multiplayer tower-defense game in which participants control their own NFTs. The play-to-earn mechanics are followed in this mobile game. Plant vs. Undead has earned a lot of popularity since it gives its players incentives without collecting any fees. Could anybody say no to a game in which unusual and dangerous diseases originate from all over the world?


Making multi-element crypto games is always difficult. Realm, a game featuring virtual reality portals that allow players to enter an endless number of micro versus, combines music, art, and gameplay. Players have the chance to conquer worlds and find rare NFTs and REALM tokens in this mixed-reality NFT game. Furthermore, players may breed and gather 3D interactive creatures that evolve according to their current realm. Players and artists may work together to build new worlds and split royalties.

Crypto Shooter

Despite the fact that the Crypto Shooter moniker appears in other NFT games for Android, this one is mobile-friendly. To help Sparky save his baby sparrows, you must match and bust bubbles. Players can explore five areas and 100 levels throughout the game. Players may also earn SparkPoint tokens, which can be used to buy quicker bubble-bursting boosters. The game has no subscription costs, however, it does include regular advertisements.

League of Kingdoms

In the game, you control your portion of the map. As a result, you have complete control over the following steps in one of the most popular mobile NFT games: developing an economy, dividing alliances, and initiating a war, among other things. It is critical to choose a plan that you can stick to. You should replenish all of your stockpiles as quickly as possible because the game has limited supplies. Furthermore, in real life, several elements such as time, location, and others will impact your tactics. You may also build a team by inviting your friends to play with you.


Crypto Kitties, a popular NFT game, is also accessible on mobile devices. Users may create virtual kitten collections and order them in advance using their Ethereum Blockchain-based virtual kitten platform. This game is one of the first to exploit Ethereum Blockchain technology, with its cute kitties. Crypto cat owners may also sell their virtual kittens on the open market or through the NFT marketplace. You may either purchase Crypto Kitties on the market or breed them together. In one of the prettiest NFT games, breeding is one method to obtain unique features.

Skyweaver TCG

Your skill level will affect how many cards you may acquire as you continue through the game. The vibrant, intricate visuals and a great number of potential cards distinguish this inventive card game. You may play all of the base 500+ cards for free to level up your matching levels. Regardless of your gaming abilities or experience, you will strive to reach the leaderboards. The good news is that earning silver may earn you fresh gold every week.

Spells of Genesis

You may also play the NFT game Spells of Genesis on your mobile device. The game will keep you fascinated with its stunning setting and endless epic fights. The creators have done an incredible job on this scenario, from the level layout to the card design to everything else. Begin your adventure in Asia, where you can gain magical abilities. To get them, you'll need to join a squad and defeat every opponent you come across.

Crazy Kings

Crazy Kings is a normal tower defense game in terms of gameplay. The non-fungible token technology role-playing game can be used as a blueprint for role-playing and strategic NFT games. Your aim is to construct towers to defend yourself from numerous attacks. You'll need to collect a unique collection of cards and armies to participate in the fight. There are 90 collective and individual cards in the current game, each with its own set of powers. This free-to-play game has a well-organized UI that you can start playing right away. You may even create your own TOWER coin. Participating in the Grand Tournament Colosseum will win you tokens.

Town Star – Farm

Gala Network is a gaming network where gamers may earn GALA tokens and win money while playing. Do you enjoy gardening and farming? Then this is the place for you. It will be considerably more enjoyable and gratifying to play the game as a farming game. It will allow you to cultivate while improving your trade abilities. However, before you begin using Town Star, you must first establish an accessible gala wall. This wall works in the same way as any other blockchain wallet. To expose the private key, you must supply a password with the gala.

Lost Survivors

Users of Android and Apple iOS devices may also play Lost Survivors, which is one of the greatest NFT games available. Their game was one of the first to use blockchain technology into an action game including the acquisition of blockchain-based items. This game allows you to cook, cut wood, mine, beat your foes, and more in addition to creating Kryptos. Although the game is still in its early stages of development, there are lots of things to admire about it, with some gamers even claiming that Lost Survivors is a superior title to fully developed titles.


Finally, one of the most popular NFT games for iOS and Android smartphones is Upland. You'll have a lot of fun playing on this board game-like platform, especially if you already appreciate Monopoly. It's based on actual addresses and locations from all around the world. NFTs will also be used to conduct real estate transactions and earn money in the game. In addition to transferring assets, the game includes treasure hunts and other entertaining activities. Furthermore, once you purchase a collection of houses with the same style, your revenue will improve.

NFC game coming up:


Illuvium is another popular forthcoming play-to-earn NFT game that generated a lot of buzz before its official release. The game is an open-world role-playing game set in a fantasy environment. Users may earn NFTs by completing several tasks and winning battles in the game. Click this link for additional details on the launch.

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