Pokemon Go Developer Niantic Working on New AR Basketball Game


Pokemon Go Developer Niantic Working on New AR Basketball Game

There will soon be a smartphone augmented reality game. is about NBA All-World, a new venture created by Niantic to take use of augmented reality, as they did with their most well-known brainchild, Pokemon Go.

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Finding the top NBA stars, including Chris Paul, Steph Curry, and many others, is your duty in NBA All-World. To achieve this, you will be encouraged to get outside and discover new places, provided they are not harmful or against the law, of course.

Your favorite NBA players may be gathered much like Pokémon. You will also have the option of virtually competing against other gamers. NBA All-World for it There are a number of minigames in it, and once they are over, you may invite the loser to join your side.


Everything suggests that The NBA intends to create its own metaverse with this upcoming title. This appears to be what the remarks made by Marcus Matthews, the game's primary producer.

Here, the NBA game and way of life converge with the metaverse of the actual world. We're creating a basketball universe around you, or as I like to say, turning reality into a basketball theme park.

In terms of gameplay, NBA All World is quite similar to what was previously seen in Pokemon Go. In reality, we'll discover that basketball has adopted the latter's start functions. As a result, you may dress up your characters in various clothing and other accessories in this game. You will also be able to compete against people nearby or from other parts of the world while visiting real-world destinations with in-game capabilities.

As mentioned in Polygonal, this game's development has been under consideration since 2016, immediately after the launch of Pokemon Go. Although Niantic was the first to contact the American Basketball League, it appears that the latter had previously planned to do so.

More details about NBA All World

A database containing millions of basketball courts and other sites where this sport is typically played will be used by NBA All-World. You can discover pauses at convenience stores, like with Pokemon Go. These stops are joined in the case of this title by stores that specialize in the selling of sporting goods.

Each character in NBA All-World behaves exactly how the athletes do in real life thanks to Niantic's efforts. Therefore, we will need James Harden will have his jump back Matthews words to polygonal, and Chris Paul will play as Chris Paul. In this approach, they aim to distinguish the characters via their actions rather than just their appearance.

A release date has not yet been set. However, Niantic has made a webpage available for you to register on if you want to be among the first to test NBA All World. Of course, you may play using any iOS or Android mobile device. The startup is also working on another augmented reality game called Peridot, which seeks to draw heavily from the Pokemon universe.

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