Cardano Roadmap: What New Updates And Features Are Coming To Cardano?


Cardano Roadmap: What New Updates And Features Are Coming To Cardano?

The Cardano Roadmap, which lays out new capabilities and features for the network, indicates that the network will continue to evolve over the next year.

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Cardano - and its ADA coin - is yet another cryptocurrency that will witness a significant price boost in 2021. Cardano is expected to undergo significant revisions in 2022, similar to the Ethereum 2.0 release.

When will the next update for Cardano be released, now that it is in its third phase after Byron and Shelley?

Roadmap for Cardano

The Basho upgrade is the next stage in the Cardano roadmap after the complete release of Cardano Goguen in late-2021, coupled with the Cardano Alonzo mainnet hard fork.

The Cardano Basho period will aim to increase the network's scalability by creating sidechains to relieve the load on the main chain. It is anticipated to be operational in 2022.

The Cardano Vasil hard fork, which is anticipated to lower the cost of big transactions, is the most urgent update on the roadmap.

Voltaire is the network's final stage after the Cardano Basho period. As Cardano evolves away from IOHK's administration, this governance phase will offer a voting and treasury system that allows holders to have a more direct effect on the decentralized network.

In addition, by raising the number of transactions per second, the Cardano Hydra Layer-2 is expected to increase the scalability and accuracy of the Cardano network.

The network's algorithmic stablecoin, Cardano Djed, is also set to arrive later this year.

Cardano's Most Recent Updates

The Cardano website is regularly updated with information about the network's newest advancements.

The Hydra team "added functionality to the Hydra node that enables it to start following the chain from a point in the past and recover from any shutdowns or difficulties," according to the most recent release dated April 21.

It also provides further details on the preparations for the Vasil hard fork, stating that when the main net improves, a "10 percent block size increase" would be implemented.

These updates also include data on Cardano projects, which have grown rapidly since the launch of Cardano Smart Contracts. Cardano is being used in 910 projects, with over 5000 Cardano NFT projects now accessible.

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