Celsius Network Lawsuit: Crypto YouTuber BitBoy Threatens Class-Action Lawsuit Against Celsius


Celsius Network Lawsuit: Crypto YouTuber BitBoy founder threatens class-action lawsuit Against Celsius

Ben Armstrong, nicknamed BitBoy, a crypto YouTuber and influencer, has vowed to sue Celsius Network in a class-action lawsuit.

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After the Celsius Network declared that withdrawals would be halted, BitBoy says that the platform refused to let him withdraw money and instead demanded additional money.

Here's what BitBoy had to say about a Celsius crypto Network lawsuit on Twitter during this major crypto meltdown.

Celsius Network vs. BitBoy

Armstrong took to Twitter to criticize Celsius Network, stating that the company is refusing to let him take his cash.

He went on to explain the problem, saying that he couldn't pay off debts with the money he already had in Celsius. Instead, he said that the network urged him to deposit additional monies to pay off the loans.

Armstrong went on to say that the firm was defrauding people, calling it a "pure scam" that was "on its way to bankruptcy." He suspected that the corporation lacked the cash to compensate users.

BitBoy went on to say:

"I believe we all assumed Celsius Network was being responsible and making returns in safe conditions but, in truth, they're just defi degens who had no idea what they were doing."

Armstrong said that he and his legal team are presently preparing to sue the Celsius network and that they are reviewing "disclosures, paperwork, and loan information," as well as consulting with lawyers to determine the "best path ahead."

BitBoy Gets a Reaction From The Celsius Network

Armstrong's confrontational tone went viral on social media, leading the Celsius network to step in and diffuse the situation.

BitBoy received an email from the network, indicating that the issue had been resolved in an "amicable" way. They did, however, insist that BitBoy erase his tweets after identifying a person who worked at Celsius.

BitBoy reacted by claiming that the tweets will not be deleted. "They've come here to quiet me," he explained.


Celsius Network (CEL) is currently trading at $0.56, down 14% in the last week.


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