Coinbase Phasing Out ‘Coinbase Pro’ for ‘Advanced Trade’ Mode in Main App


Coinbase Phasing Out ‘Coinbase Pro’ for ‘Advanced Trade’ Mode in Main App

The exchange has announced that Coinbase would replace its Coinbase Pro product with a new platform called Coinbase Advanced Trade.

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But remember that this is more of a migration than a shutdown before you start sending money from Coinbase to Binance or looking into how to withdraw from Coinbase. Many features of Coinbase Advanced Trade and Coinbase Pro are shared.

Here is what Coinbase said about its new tool, which it claims would consolidate the Coinbase account and bring Coinbase staking and other capabilities to the main platform.

Coinbase Pro Will Be Replaced By Coinbase Advanced Trade

Coinbase revealed its plan to switch Coinbase Pro for Coinbase Advanced Trade in a blog post on June 20.

To fix the problems with utilizing and transferring between Coinbase and Coinbase Pro, Coinbase made this choice.

Many users depend on Coinbase Pro and for similar feature sets, and they frequently run into problems when transferring funds back and forth between the two platforms, according to Coinbase.

Previously, Coinbase Pro and Coinbase were somewhat independent entities, and customers had to move their bitcoin back and forth between them. Users of Coinbase Pro might benefit from a number of extra benefits. This includes getting early access to brand-new Coinbase listings.

Users of Coinbase Pro must send their funds back to Coinbase before accessing the Advanced Trade page in order to use this service.

Advanced Trade on Coinbase vs. Pro on Coinbase

All of the features of Coinbase Pro are present in Coinbase Advanced Trade. Due to enhancements and connection with the primary Coinbase account, Coinbase labels it a "superior alternative."

The volume-based transaction costs for Advanced Trade are the same as those for Coinbase Pro.

Coinbase claims that in addition to better order flows, it also offers "more in-depth technical analysis and superior real-time order books."

Release Date for Coinbase Advanced Trade

However, as it prepares to take the position of Coinbase Pro, Coinbase Advanced Trade will see a wider launch later in 2022.

The sunsetting of Coinbase Pro will start "later this year," according to the Coinbase blog. In the meanwhile, Advanced Trade will launch on the Coinbase App in the "coming weeks."

In addition, Coinbase stated that it will soon be introducing additional updates to Coinbase Advanced Trade.

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