Delays Hit Shiba Inu Burn Portal And Metaverse Rewards


Delays Hit Shiba Inu Burn Portal And Metaverse Rewards

Delays Hit Shiba Inu Burn Portal And Metaverse Rewards

Shiba Inu owners have experienced repeated delays in their scheduled awards in a short period of time.

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Last week, the second Shiba Inu Burn Portal incentives were supposed to be released, however, individuals who locked LEASH for the Shiba Inu land auction have seen their rewards delayed.

Take a look at what transpired.

Shiba Inu Burn Rewards Have Been Postponed

After Ryoshis Vision released the first Burn Portal prizes on May 17, the second drop was scheduled for two weeks later, on May 31. These prizes have yet to be released as of June 6.

"Burn awards are in the process now," Trophies, a member of the Shiba Discord channel, wrote in a ShibaSwap update. "I'll be delivering shortly."

The newest awards to SHIB burners, processed by Ryoshis Vision, the portal's developer, are almost a week late. These awards appear to be handled manually rather than automatically through a smart contract.

One of the administrators of the Ryoshis Vision Discord provided an explanation. According to them, the "brief delay" was caused by "very heavy effort from the relevant personnel."

We don't know what this implies for the remaining awards. Another round of burn rewards is set to take place on June 14.

On Twitter and Facebook, a number of SHIB burners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the delays.

However, this isn't the first time the SHIB ecosystem has had a setback in the recent week.

Shiba Inu LEASH Rewards Have Been Delayed

The official Shiba Inu blog has revealed that BONE prizes for individuals who locked LEASH before the Shiba Inu Metaverse land sale will be delayed somewhat.

The rationale, according to SHIB, is due to the original contract, which stated that prizes would only be distributed once the land had sold out. Thousands of plots remain unclaimed in the metaverse land.

"We're developing a new contract so that our LEASH lock users and holders don't have to wait for a sell-out acknowledgment," SHIB added. This will disperse 3% of the land event sales to individuals who qualify.

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