God Hates NFT Anti-NFT Protest Turns Out To Be Marketing Stunt


God Hates NFT Anti-NFT Protest Turns Out To Be Marketing Stunt

One of the craziest protests ever observed by New Yorkers.

An anti-NFT demonstration took place yesterday at the NFT.NYC event in New York, however it turns out that the protest was a marketing gimmick promoting a streetwear brand's own collection.

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Images from the demonstration, dubbed the God Hates NFT protest because of one of the signs carried, circulated online as it happened, eliciting a variety of comments from holders.

A group of protesters with posters reading "God Hates NFTs" and "Crypto is a Sin" succeeded to make the worldwide crypto community giggle. The demonstration, however, was eventually found to be a PR ploy planned by Hundreds CEO Bobby Kim to promote his NFT line.

The God Hates NFT Protest in New York was revealed to be a publicity stunt.

Bobby Kim, the creator of streetwear brand The Hundreds, created a creative technique to draw attention amid an otherwise crowded NFT.NYC event in New York City to market his NFT collection.

To bring attention to and publicize his new NFT collection entitled Adam Bomb Squad, Kim planned to create a protest, a completely orchestrated campaign in the style of God Hates NFT demonstration.

Kim eventually revealed the specifics, claiming that the entire demonstration was staged to promote his new NFT collection and to pique user interest in his collection in order to attract more customers.

God despises NFT protesters' outbursts.

The bogus NFT demonstration by Kim attracted a mixed response from cryptocurrency supporters and skeptics both, despite the fact that it was now acknowledged to be a marketing hoax.

While some people stated that they felt the protest was genuine, others mocked the notion, claiming that it was absurd.


On the social aggregation network Reddit, the community was very active, providing minute information about the demonstration. The demonstration's undertones were quickly identified by users, who noted that the protest is neither serious or legitimate.

Others quipped that the protest signs may be marketed as NFTs as part of their own collection.


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