How to Unfreeze an Internet Browser


How to Unfreeze an Internet Browser

Internet Explorer formerly ruled the browser world, but at the moment Microsoft is placing its bets on Edge, especially the second version of this program. Although there is yet a long way to go, it is attempting to compete directly with the industry leader in the future.

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This keeps expanding and adjusting to the demands of current users because of the nearly continual updates the company delivers to enhance your browser. But we also run into certain issues and faults, as is common in the software industry. Edge has a problem that was recently discovered that causes the software to freeze and become unresponsive.

We are specifically talking to a bug that stops all open tabs in the program's Internet Explorer mode from functioning. It is important to note that these errors impact devices running Windows 11 in 21H2 version. At the same time, versions 20H2, 221H1, and 21H2 of Windows 10 could be seen on computers. Everything points to the fact that Edge began to fail after these system versions installed the optional cumulative updates KB5014019, KB5014023, and KB5014021.

It should go without saying that people who depend on this browser mode frequently are in for a lot of hardship. However, Microsoft, the creator, intended to address this issue quickly with their web browser.

As we indicated before, the IE mode tabs in Edge may become sluggish after downloading these Windows upgrades, which is a significant disadvantage for many.

Microsoft resolves Edge crash issues

We will now inform you that the software behemoth used the Known Issue Rollback, or KIR, feature to fix this issue in Edge. This Windows function aims to assist in undoing system security updates. focuses, as in the present instance, on problems that are distributed via Windows Update. This indicates that all impacted PCs will receive the fix for the specified problem via the KIR function.

The repair may, however, take up to 24 hours to reach our computer, so we must keep that in mind. Consequently, there is a quicker approach to address problem on machines running corporate editions of the system. A patch may be installed by administrators, and it will be very beneficial. Since this may be extended for both Windows 11 and Windows 10, we've included links for both patches, which you can use to get updates from the business's official website.

Microsoft Windows 11 KB5014019

Microsoft Windows 10 KB5014023

We must keep in mind that Microsoft is now placing a lot of money on this effort. Even more so if we consider the rapid expansion of internet browsers across all platforms. Therefore, the mistakes must be fixed as quickly as possible, especially given how severe the one we are remarking on is.

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