Is Coinbase Down: How To Check Coinbase Server Status


Is Coinbase Down: How To Check Coinbase Server Status

Coinbase, like any other online crypto exchange, is prone to periodic server outages and breakdowns. But how can you resolve the problem and verify the condition of the server?

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Like other websites, cryptocurrency exchanges are subject to excessive user activity. Due to server saturation, this frequently results in websites that are unresponsive.

Coinbase, as one of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, sees a lot of user traffic, which might cause the website or mobile app to go down for a while. Let's take a look at some troubleshooting options for quickly resolving the Coinbase down the issue.

What Is The Best Way To See If Coinbase Is Down?

The official Coinbase and Coinbase Pro server-status websites are the most convenient method for Coinbase users to verify if Coinbase is down. These are updated every hour with the most recent technological advancements and improvements.

Both provide highly thorough information about Coinbase's functionality, including tracking difficulties with various apps, payment methods, and even different cryptocurrencies. They keep a record of previous events as well.

However, because Coinbase makes no mention of the disruptions on February 13 caused by its Super Bowl ad, it cannot ensure that it will notice or record every problem. However, the exchange just experienced another disruption, causing Coinbase to briefly suspend its services.

As a result, we propose utilizing a user-based issue recorder like Down Detector from a third party.

Alternatively, a simple Twitter search for "Coinbase Down" may provide user reactions in real-time.

The Most Recent Coinbase Issues

On February 13, the night of the Super Bowl, several customers and investors claimed that their Coinbase website and app were inaccessible.

Coinbase said on Twitter that consumers would experience temporary disruption due to the extraordinary response the exchange got after airing its bitcoin advertisement during Super Bowl LVI.

The commercial, which featured a QR code bouncing on consumers' TV screens, generated a surge in user engagement, causing the exchange to suffer a surge in online user traffic volume. For a few minutes, the website was down due to the influx.

If Coinbase isn't working, what should you do?

If you're still having issues with your Coinbase account, attempt the troubleshooting options listed below to resolve the problem as soon as possible:

  - If you're having difficulties using the Coinbase app, try closing and reopening it to fix the problem.

  - To reset your phone's default settings, try rebooting it once.

  - To free up space and memory, try emptying the app's cache.

  - Users can also use two-step verification to log in.

  - Signing in with your email and receiving an SMS is part of the two-step verification process.

  - Make sure you're using the most recent Coinbase app and that your website settings are current.

  - For more details, refer to the original guide here.


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