Largest Bitcoin whale buys 2554 BTC; Are investors following suit?


Largest Bitcoin whale buys 2554 BTC; Are investors following suit?

After the daily decline of 15% on June 13, Bitcoin has primarily been stabilizing. It fluctuated in the $20–22k area at first before dropping to the $19–21k range later on. It did create wicks on a few occasions, some of which reached a depth of $17.6k. On the majority of other days, though, it was able to keep its boat afloat.

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The aforementioned range has served as a desirable area for accumulation. The largest non-exchange whale in the world, for instance, carried out a number of significant trades in the previously mentioned time frame, increasing its overall balance to $2.8 billion.

Since mid-June, the participant's address has gained almost 2500 BTC [2554, to be exact], according to statistics from BitInfoCharts. It made its largest buy, 565 Bitcoin, on June 23 for $19.9k. On other days, the volume of transactions fluctuated between 36 BTC and 488 BTC.

Notably, this whale comes in third overall, just below the exchange wallets of Binance and Bitfinex.

Additionally, it is important to realize that Bitcoin has a substantial base of support right now. ITB data indicates that around 1.55 million addresses have purchased over 900k BTC in the range between $15k and $20k. Because all of these parties are "in" the money or the profits, you can count on them.

Others join the clan of Bitcoin collectors.

One of Santiment's most recent tweets revealed that traders have shorted Bitcoin to profit from the price decline. Notably, in their "against" bets, they "only" targeted cryptocurrencies. The financing rate for bitcoin has largely been neutral recently, as can be seen from the chart below. But it's obvious that the rate has been falling for alts.

Santiment pointed up the consequence of this and said,

"People are flocking to Bitcoin as the safe refuge."

By connecting the connections mentioned above, it is easy to see that investors are doing their jobs by acquiring Bitcoin over the long term. However, Bitcoin traders are avoiding the market and may be waiting for the current trend to become clear-cut before making fresh wagers.


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