SafeMoon Card Launch Postponed, New Safety Function to be Added


SafeMoon Card Launch Postponed, New Security Feature to be Added

SafeMoon (SFM) presented what is thought to be one of its most ambitious projects on March 31, 2022. The crew said they will offer a card in association with Mastercard after its birthday month. The cardboard was originally planned for a debut in Q2 2022. But a recent update from the team has stated that the launch may be delayed.

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The personnel blamed the delay on safety-related issues. The team is expecting a safety feature, which is the main reason for the postponement, according to a tweet from SafeMoon Fabio. However, the team reassures clients and partners that the additional safety feature is worthwhile anticipating.

The SafeMoon has stated that it places a high priority on safety and considers the launch delay to be a wise precaution.

The ability to quickly convert bitcoin to money is by far the most remarkable function offered on the platform. A Google Pay integration, SafeMoon app compatibility, and a 2.5 percent transaction fee on money are further alternatives. A digital card service may be offered on the app for users who don't want to deal with the hassle of carrying a real copy.

The cardboard might be used by customers to make online purchases from stores like Amazon. Mr. Grownup, SafeMoon's director of sales and strategy, made the same statement on the project's official discord page.

Those who have previously used the Coinbase Card or the Binance Visa Card may be aware of the viability of using their preferred crypto tokens to pay for goods and services. Each of the aforementioned credit cards is run by Visa Inc., the second-largest card processing company in the world.

The popular SafeMoon crypto project has a number of audacious goals for the future. Operation Phoenix had been implemented by the personnel earlier this year. Activity Phoenix is more of a collection of ideas contained under one roof than a singular operation. Two of the applied sciences covered by this program include nanotechnology and wind turbines.

SFM was worth $0.00058534 at the time of publication. The token has increased by 33.1 percent over the past seven days and 9.2 percent during the past 24 hours. The project is still, however, 83.1 percent behind the $0.00338272 mark that it reached in January of this year, which was its all-time high.

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