SHIB Holder Creates NFT of Ryoshi Post For Preservation


For the sake of preservation, a SHIB holder creates an NFT of Ryoshi Post.

One Shiba Inu owner has used the blockchain to keep Shiba Inu creator Ryoshi's post as a non-fungible token (NFT).

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Cionny.eth decided to mint an NFT of Ryoshi's now-removed 'I AM RYOSHI' Medium piece, which set out his vision for SHIB after Ryoshi erased his tweets and postings regarding SHIB. The earliest concepts for Shibarium were featured in this article, which was Ryoshi's final on SHIB.

Let's look at this Ryoshi NFT in more detail.

Ryoshi Blog Post Minted As NFT

Some users were concerned about where they will be able to obtain these important materials on SHIB now that the Ryoshi Research blog has been removed (and replaced with a new user's blog).

While there are multiple additional re-posts, one holder went one step farther by minting Ryoshi's final blog as an NFT.

The NFT, which is housed on the Ethereum blockchain, is a 3-minute video of the whole blog.

“Decentralisation. "No one should be able to pull it down," Cionny says. eth mentioned the minting. "Fudders, hackers, not even Ryoshi," says the narrator.

While some may see this choice as a method to make fast money, Cionny has guaranteed that this is not the case by destroying the keys to the account where the NFT is held.

They stated, "[It] will reside immutable on the blockchain, not for sale or manipulation." "A legacy for the next generation of SHIBs."

For a long time, document or tweet mining has been a prevalent activity in the NFT domain. Users have gained millions by minting internet material, whether it's Jack Dorsey's first tweet or the Fyre Festival cheese sandwich tweet.

SHIB holders were taken aback by Ryoshi's decision to erase his SHIB posts since they were unclear about what this meant for SHIB. The re-emergence of the AllHailTheShiba Medium, most likely through a new user's account, aided this.


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