SHIB Holders Create 3D Shiboshi Models For A Shiba Inu Metaverse Experience


SHIB Holders Create 3D Shiboshi Models For A Shiba Inu Metaverse Experience

Two Shiba Inu and Shiboshi owners are working on 3D models for use in a Shiba Inu metaverse or gaming experience.

Shiblon Musk and Mewns, both Shiboshi holders, have set out to build an experience based on Shiboshi NFTs.

Planet Crypto spoke with the two about their ambitions for the upcoming 3D Shiboshi model as well as Mewns' current Shiboshi model.

For A New SHIB Project, 3D Shiboshi Models

Mewns' 3D models of the Shiboshi NFTs have garnered a popularity among SHIB and Shiboshi owners. The purpose of these 3D representations was to provide Shiboshi owners a new perspective on their pixel Shiboshis.

"You can't utilize the earlier Shiboshi models in a game since they're a simplistic model," Mewns explained. "All you need for rendering is a three-dimensional model."

However, the two are currently working on a new 3D model alongside fellow Shiboshi bearer Shiblon Musk. They've now designed a design based on Shytoshi Kusama's new profile image of a Shiba Inu game model, which Mewns shared on Twitter. They then hope that this may be turned into a video game.

Shiblon Musk remarked, "I've created a gaming demo prototype where you have an animated dog character that can explore a 3D scene." "Various quests and activities will be accessible."

The two plan to host this experience on a piece of metaverse land after the Shiba Inu metaverse debuts, similar to how it works in other metaverses like Decentraland.

"My objective is to help bring interesting experiences to the SHIB metaverse," Shiblon said, adding that he wants to get a functioning demo up on soon.

However, Mewns emphasized that this is not meant to compete with or detract from official endeavors. "We're not trying to take over any formal initiatives; we're just trying to create something that's driven by the community."

The designer of Mewns says that "it's starting to become its own collection," thus the original 3D models will be kept.


"These renderings are still needed by the Shiboshi family." As a result, it will run concurrently with our current work."

According to Mewns, there are now 145 distinct 3D Shiboshi renditions.

The couple also appealed to the SHIB community to provide a hand when they can. "I'm definitely more of a coder than a rigging or animation guy," Shiblon stated. Others who wish to contribute and provide knowledge may contact Mewns or come up with their own concept.

"I think it would do a lot of good for the project itself if you have any skills or wish to design something that the community can accomplish."


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