Shiba Inu Children’s Book Created To Show SHIB Going To The Moon


Shiba Inu Children’s Book Created To Show SHIB Going To The Moon

These owners wrote three short tales centered on Shiba Inu, using SHIB as a character.

Two Shiba Inu SHIB holders have written a collection of children's novels using Shiba Inu as a character who travels to the moon.

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Cristina Tello and her partner Abel Ortiz have written and voiced a series of SHIB-themed tales that make light of the Shiba ecosystem and Bitcoin.

Planet Crypto talked with them about their choice to create the stories as well as a planned physical distribution.

The Shiba Inu Children's Story is written by SHIB holders.

After discussing SHIB with her children, Tello was inspired to write the Shiba Inu children's books. "Shiba was our first crypto love, and our kids were always seeing its emblem," she added. "And as a character, they fell in love with him."

After that, the pair began to refer to SHIB as a family member, telling them that SHIB was going to take them all to the moon on a rocket ship. She explained, "You know, it's how you attempt to connect things to youngsters."

After seeing her children enjoying a planet-themed storytelling video on YouTube, she decided to compose the stories. "It was my lighting moment when the kids remarked, 'Look, it's the moon, can you see Shiba?'

"Let's develop a book for youngsters about Shiba as a genuine figure who goes to the moon."

Tello was first hesitant to share the book about Shiba traveling to the moon in August 2021 with anybody outside of her family after creating and printing a copy. She chose to hold off on releasing the book until the Shibarium Layer-2 launch. "We'd simply wait till Shibarium arrives," she added, "since that may be a terrific spot to promote and sell it."

The pair, however, decided at the end of May that they couldn't wait any longer. Instead, they decided to just upload it on YouTube as a narrated animation. "I didn't leave the computer for three days," she explained. Finally, the first Shiba Short Story, Shiba Goes To The Moon, was released, narrated by Ortiz.

Shiba the New Dog on the Blockchain and Shiba Eats Welly are two more tales they've posted since then.

Tello stated that ShibArmy was tremendously supportive when the tales were released. "I was a little apprehensive about putting myself out there," she said. "But lately I've only gotten great feedback and a lot of help."

They aim to integrate some crypto teaching aspects alongside the new books. "I want to include the educational and pleasant parts, as well as a grasp of the hazards," Ortiz added. They also stated that these writings were simply meant to be read for amusement purposes, with SHIB serving as a character rather than anything else.

Tello confirms that tangible copies will be printed at some point in the future. "We haven't sorted out all of the printing logistics yet," she explained. "However, I did ask that the first three books be printed, which I shall get."

She did say, though, that after they achieve 500 followers on their YouTube channel, Stories With Us, they aim to give away actual copies of the books.

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