Shiba Inu Remains Top Holding in Whale Wallets, After Market Drops by 25%


25% of SHIB Wallets Have Held Shiba Inu For Over A Year

SHIB holders who have been with the program for a long time account for a quarter of all wallets.

According to crypto auditor Certik, more than a quarter of all Shiba Inu owners have retained their SHIB for more than a year.

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Certik claims that 25% of SHIB wallets are older than one year on their current Shiba Inu dashboard, which includes information on everything from the Shiba Inu pricing to social media opinion. This indicates that they have owned SHIB for more than a year.

The Shiba Inu wallet distribution is broken out as follows.

Shiba Inu Wallet Hold Time

Certik claims that 25% of wallets have kept SHIB for over a year, while another 51% have held SHIB for 6-12 months. A further 15% have been holding SHIB for 3-6 months.

Between 295,000 and 313,000 wallets have kept SHIB for over a year, depending on the number of wallets. It's 1.18 million, according to Etherscan, but it's actually 1.25 million, according to Certik.

This long hold period indicates that SHIB has a sizable fan base that has been with the project from its inception.

Shiba Inu have an average hold period of 8 months, according to Certik. This is longer than the 4.5 months (142 days) stated by Coinbase as the average SHIB hold duration on their platform.

SHIB has a wallet distribution that is nearly equal to BNB when compared to other Certik monitored projects. With an average age of 8 months, 25% of BNB holding wallets are older than a year.

The May 2021 breakout and the October 2021 boom were the two most explosive occasions for SHIB gaining holders. SHIB achieved new all-time highs in October, surpassing 1 million holders.

According to sources, the total number of SHIB holders exceeds 2 million when crypto exchanges are included.

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