Shyoshi Kusama Says Now Is The Best Time To Buy or Burn Shiba Inu


Shyoshi Kusama Says Now Is The Best Time To Buy or Burn Shiba Inu

According to Shytoshi Kusama, the SHIB project head, the bear market is the perfect moment to purchase or burn Shiba Inu.

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With the Shiba Inu price plummeting in recent weeks, Shytoshi advised his Twitter followers to use the opportunity to burn SHIB or expand their holdings.

Here's a look at what he stated in more detail.

Bear Market Opportunities For SHIB

Shytoshi Kusama lauded Shiba Inu owners' fortitude in the face of unfavorable market difficulties in a Twitter discussion. "I understand the market is harsh, but it's fantastic to see how real #ShibArmyStrong is," he remarked.

He then went on to discuss the prospects presented by the SHIB price drop. "This is the perfect time for everyone to purchase SHIB or burn SHIB during this bear market," Shytoshi remarked. "Ryoshi would respond that the number doesn't always arise and that this isn't always a negative thing."

In the bitcoin market, this is a widespread notion. Holders will brag about buying at a bargain amid cryptocurrency collapses, anticipating a price recovery. As the broader crypto recovery continues, a Shiba Inu recovery appears to be underway, with SHIB climbing 4% in 24 hours.

SHIB holders have already expressed their excitement over the dip's potential for SHIB burning. Those in the burning community may hope to see the burn rate grow now that Shytoshi has issued a more official statement endorsing such burning chances.

On June 18, 366 million SHIB were burned, an increase over the previous day's 110 million SHIB.

Shytoshi teased holders about planned projects in addition to purchasing and burning. "Everything is moving along nicely," he remarked. "In the coming weeks, you'll start to see the things we've been working on taking shape."

Shytoshi did not specify what these items are, but he did mention the presence of non-disclosure agreements (NDAs). SHIB holders can speculate about a variety of things, like Shibarium or a Red Bull x Shiba Inu cooperation. 

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