Solana Saga: Solana Mobile debuts Saga, a flagship Android phone for web3


Solana Saga: Solana Mobile Release Date, Features, Price, Pre-Orders, and More

A new Android-powered phone from Solana Labs has been announced and will be on sale in 2023.

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As it tries to broaden the Solana roadmap and its activities outside the blockchain and Solana NFTs, Solana has announced that it will introduce Solana Saga, a brand-new Solana mobile phone.

On June 23, Solana announced intentions to release a flagship smartphone with a unique combination of features and functions. This announcement was made earlier in New York.

Additionally, a Solana blockchain connection is included within the smartphone. Here is the main topic.

What Is Solana Saga?

The Solana Saga is a brand-new smartphone built by Solana in partnership with Asom, an Android hardware developer that has worked with Google, Apple, and Intel.

Solana referred to its Android phone as a "flagship-quality Android handset purpose-built for crypto" and a "premium hardware experience."

Jason Keats, the CEO of Osom, described Saga as follows:

Saga builds a mobile experience from the ground up for users, developers, and ecosystem members that ushers in a new era of mobility. The development of an ecosystem that looks to the future without being constrained by previous legacy ecosystems is really exciting for us. The world needs unique hardware to embrace the future that is web3.

The blockchain also introduced the Solana Mobile Stack software ecosystem for Android along with the Solana Mobile.

Solana Saga Specs

The following are the already-announced Solana Saga specifications:

  - Storage: 512 GB

  - RAM: 12 GB RAM

  - Processor: Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

  - Display: 6.67" OLED

Features of Solana Saga

The Solana Mobile Stack software, known as SMS, is where many of Solana Saga's features are found.

The Solana dApp Store, Solana Pay for Android, and a Seed Vault for private keys are all included in this SDK.

Solana claims that the SMS and Solana App Store would enable developers to provide completely original Saga experiences. These comprise enhanced trading, the ability to mint NFTs anywhere and on a mobile device, and more.

A release date for Solana Saga?

According to a statement from Solana Labs, Solana Saga will be released in the first half of 2023.

However, Solana has not provided a specific launching date other than early 2023. As a result, it might debut at any point between January and June 2023.

Additionally, initially, Solana Saga will only be accessible in the US, Canada, EU, and the UK.

However, developers may now access the Solana Mobile Stack via GitHub.

Price of Solana Saga

At the debut, the Solana Saga smartphone will cost $1000. When pre-ordering, this also includes a $100 initial, refundable deposit.

In terms of payment methods, it appears that Solana will initially only take the USDC stablecoin.

Possibly in the future, more cryptocurrencies like Solana will be accepted, but for the time being USDC is the sole choice.

Pre-Order for Solana Saga

Pre-orders for The Solana Saga are already available, but first prospective customers must pay a $100 USDC pre-order deposit.

However, this is a waitlist for the Solana Saga rather than a pre-order.

Pre-orderers could also be qualified for the Saga Pass, an NFT available only with the initial batch of Saga phones.

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