What Is Doodles NFT, Plus Doodles NFT Price, Rarity, And More


Doodles NFT: What Is Doodles NFT, Plus Doodles NFT Price, Rarity, And More

Here is all the information you want for the Doodles NFT collection.

Given its rising popularity among the general public, the Doodles NFT collection is one of the greatest and top-selling NFT projects in recent memory.

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Doodles will launch a new collection called Doodle 2 to help the success of the aforementioned NFT collection while navigating the current NFT market crisis.

What does this NFT collection have to offer, then?

What Is Doodles NFT Along With Price, Rarity, And Other Information?

The 10,000 generative NFTs that make up the NFT collection Doodles were produced by the artists Evan Keast, Scott Martin, and Jordan Castro.

A wide ecology of characters with uncommon components is present in the NFT. Some of the rarest doodle avatars include remarkable characteristics, such as odd piercings, accessory fashions, and clothing preferences. Some of the most distinctive NFTs in the whole collection are the devil cat, holographic alien, bubblegum face, and bed head.

Additionally, it has gathered a roster of famous owners.

The collection was introduced in February 2020, has since brought in millions, and was quickly sold out. Since then, the project's founders have worked to grow it by adding new components, such as the release of Duplicator, an NFT collection built on top of Doodles.

Price of Doodles NFT?

As of this writing, the floor price for Doodles NFT on OpenSea is a staggering 12.1 ETH.

The trading volume for Doodles is 138,900 ETH, or around $165 million.

Each Doodle NFT was sold for $17.6K when the collection was first released, generating sales of $5.19 million.

Collection of Doodles 2 NFT

Doodles are stepping up its attempts to provide its consumers with greater functionality by releasing a new Doodles 2 NFT. 

The website states that the collection's specifics have not yet been revealed, but given its recent success trajectory, the initiative is certain to generate considerable excitement soon after its debut.

We'll update this page when new details are made available.


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