5-Door Mahindra Thar To Take On Upcoming Maruti Jimny, Launch Likely In 2023


5-door The Mahindra Thar might be introduced in India the next year with a longer wheelbase for increased functionality and to make place for the passengers in the back.

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Mahindra has seen tremendous success with its most recent introductions, including the second-generation Thar and the all-new monocoque platform-based XUV700, while the Scorpio N seems poised to become yet another hit for the brand based on its early reviews. The impact of the chip shortage has been felt, but it is expected that things will get better in the following months.

Mahindra has unveiled an EV-focused company known as EV Co. with significant backing from a British funding source. The domestic SUV expert is placing a lot of faith in its next portfolio of electric vehicles since pure EVs and zero-emission SUVs based on the current platforms are in the works. Mahindra will unveil a trio of electrified car concepts by the middle of the next month on Independence Day, taking its strategy to the next level.

The XUV400, an electrified SUV based on the XUV300 small SUV, will also be presented in September 2022 before going on sale early the following year. Mahindra is working to expand its ICE lineup in addition to its electric vehicle aspirations, and the five-door Thar is likely to be one of the major products in development.

The Thar has evolved from a basic off-road vehicle to a lifestyle vehicle in its most recent guise, and the introduction of the five-door version will help it capitalize on its recognition. It will compete with the future Maruti Suzuki Jimny and Force Gurkha, both of which are rumored to receive five-door variants in 2023 but have not yet received formal confirmation.

In order to appeal to a larger audience as well as family-oriented possibilities, the five-door Mahindra Thar might have improved practicality. The general size and wheelbase may increase with the installation of two more rear doors, allowing for the potential expansion of the trunk space. Because of the extended wheelbase, the rear wheel arches may be stretched back even farther, allowing for a broader back seat.

The breakover angle may be changed, which might limit the off-road abilities despite the increased practicality. We do anticipate that the current 2.0-liter mStallion petrol and the two.2-liter mHawk diesel engines will be sold with six-speed manual transmission (MT) and six-speed automatic transmission (AT) options.

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