Axie Infinity Mobile Download: How To Play Axie Infinity On Android And iOS


Axie Infinity Mobile Download: How To Play Axie Infinity On Android And IOS

Can you download and play Axie Infinity on a mobile device? Axie Infinity has quickly taken the world by storm and is one of the highest-earning NFT products on the market.

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Picking up the game for a little while on your phone might make it simpler to complete the Daily Objectives in a P2E game like Axie Infinity where obtaining SLP (Smooth Love Potions) may need some grinding.

Here is a list of download locations for Axie Infinity.

Is it possible to play Axie Infinity on a mobile device?

Axie Infinity may be downloaded and played on mobile devices, including those running iOS and Android.

There are alternative ways to obtain Axie Infinity right now instead of using the Google Play Store or the App Store. But there will soon be a legitimate Axie Infinity app.

Doing your own research before installing the Axie Infinity gaming client is therefore quite important. You could be tricked by potential fraudsters into downloading a bogus version, for instance.

Here are a few methods for downloading Axie Infinity.

Axie Infinity Download for Android

While Axie Infinity cannot be downloaded via the Google Play Store, doing so is not difficult.

Head over to the official Axie Infinity website and select "Play Now."

The Axie Infinity client will thereafter appear in a variety of variants. The download of your game should begin after choosing the Android version.

After installation, you must link your MetaMask wallet in order to use your own Axie Infinity account.

Axie Infinity iOS Download Instructions

The iOS beta for Axie Infinity is presently accessible through the TestFlight app.

You must use the Axie Infinity public link invitation to download the official TestFlight app from the App Store in order to participate. This is possible here.

The beta is now filled due to the enormous popularity of Axie Infinity, though. In order to increase its present user base, the Axie team has moreover already made its much anticipated Axie Infinity Origin game available in early access.

The Axie Infinity team has formally published the Android mobile app for Axie Infinity Origin, according to a recent substack update from Axie Infinity. The game is currently in beta testing, and it will continue to release new updates to improve the gaming experience for its current user base.

The Axie team just released the mobile version of the Axie Infinity Origin game, making it considerably simpler for players to enjoy the game.

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