2024 Chevrolet Camaro: Motors, Power, Price, On Sale, Rendering, and More


2024 Chevrolet Camaro: Motors, Power, Price, On Sale, Rendering, and More

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HOW IT WORKS: An all-electric performance car that is reportedly a sedan and a two-door Camaro successor. Given that Chevrolet has utilized the Blazer brand on a crossover that has little in common with earlier versions, the Camaro name may remain on the vehicle.

WHY IT MATTERS: Over the course of the next 13 years, parent firm GM will convert all of its brands, including performance models, to electric vehicles. The Camaro's future is uncertain after the current generation's production expires in around 2024, but the Corvette is already planned to embrace hybrid and all-electric drivetrains in the upcoming years. GM used a picture of its Ultium EV platform with a sports car's silhouette hanging above to explain its intentions for an all-EV future. Chevrolet declined to comment on the image's remarkable resemblance to a profile shot of the current Camaro. Despite all previous Camaros being coupes, reports claim the next vehicle will be a sedan. Despite the fact that Chevrolet could potentially. Despite the fact that Chevrolet could potentially mount any kind of body on the Ultium skateboard chassis, Camaro sales have fallen precipitously recently and coupe sales, in general, have declined over the previous ten years.

The Ultrium platform from GM, which can be modified to match any vehicle size or design, will be the foundation for all of the company's EVs in the near future. Because it can accommodate one to three electric motors, this EV sedan may be anything from a retro rear-drive sports car to an all-wheel-drive superseded with 1,000 horsepower. How it will proceed or if it would provide a variety of battery and motor choices, as GMC now does with the new Hummer EV truck and SUV, has not been disclosed by Chevrolet.



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